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  1. arnoldbuck

    Australian Ice Hockey?

    Haven't replied in years but ya, I played down there for a season when I was backpacking. Actually played against/with a couple x world junior players and fridge nhl guys who packed it in and were just playing for fun. Very very raw and hard to sell down there but it exists. There was one kid on our team who was just a natural athlete. Top 3 best hands I've ever seen on ice. If he had been born in a hockey playing nation he might have had a legit shot.
  2. arnoldbuck

    Free Agency Thread

    I talked to Sydor today. His first option kinda got canceled on him with the days events, so I defiantly through the pitch to him to go to Detroit.
  3. arnoldbuck

    Top Forwards Set to Hit to Market

    Could have been discussed many times before, but I foresee with the Cap, and teams signing star players to Huge contracts over a long term to lower their cap impact, that we will see fewer and fewer years with numerous big ticket players testing the market. Even if the is a strategy we've employed, it kinda sucks in a way. It's always like a 2nd christmas seeing if we can bring in a big name or 2. But with pretty much everyone signed, this years UFA's pool etc, seems a little shallow.
  4. A touch late, but saw the Pronger response, and despite the fact that I hate Pronger to the extreme, his comeback was pretty funny.
  5. arnoldbuck

    Music played at JLA

    How about Fedde le Grande - Put Your hand Up (for Detroit) ... for anyone looking for the Sandstorm dance feel but with a bit more relevance.
  6. arnoldbuck

    Not allowed to ice puck...

    I'm not positive on this. But a loooong time ago, wasn't that rule instituted because the ye old Habs PP scored too many goals on the man advantage. I mean waaay back. Just I story I thought I remember hearing somewhere.
  7. arnoldbuck

    My Olympic Story

    I was actually very impressed when watching the medals being handed out the other day. USA team has a few really cute girls.
  8. arnoldbuck

    Olympic Thread

    I dont really care much for the guy, but Bob McCown has a book ... "100 greatest Hockey arguments" and if any of you want to read about Womens Hockey, the chapter is only 2 pages long and it is incredible. He makes a very solid, strong point as to why Womens hockey should NOT be an Olympic sport. While obviously I like to see equality in sports etc. ... his points are solid and hard to argue against.
  9. arnoldbuck

    Olympic Predictions

    you're not far wrong. We could set national records for medals won, but if we lose the MENS hockey final ... yeeesh, it is going to suck. Olympics a bust. I guess thats what we get for really only caring about 1 sport. It is interesting looking at everyone elses predictions ... everyone so far as the same top 4. No upsets this time around then?
  10. arnoldbuck

    at least kane is no longer taking cabs...

    Yeah, I think I mentioned this here before. But I actually got to hang out with Lids, Fil, Sammy and Lilja at the Roxy. It was a slow night, and they were all wicked guys. The ladies loved Lilja. Hahaha. Funny thing, I bought them all a round of beers and when I finally returned to my friends, (Nucks fans) they said, "That guy makes $7 million a season and you bought him a beer!?"
  11. arnoldbuck

    Stars' Mark Fistric fined $2,500

    Tucker did this a few years back and got suspended I believe.
  12. arnoldbuck

    1/26 GDT: Coyotes 5 at Red Wings 4 (OT)

    Just think of Game 5 two years ago with the OT loss to the Pens. Even though we won game 6, that was the worst I ever felt after a loss. Carry on.
  13. arnoldbuck

    Which NHL Players Smoke?

    Just a story. I have a few connection w/ the Predators, and just before Markov came to Detroit, they told me a funny story. Morning before game, Predator team meeting in the hotel conference room. All present except Danny. 15 minutes into the meeting, he rolls into the conference room wearing just his boxers and the hotel bathrobe with a lit cigarette in his mouth. Coach stops talking and everyone just watches him. Markov crosses the room smoking the whole way without so much as the slightest acknowledgement of his team or the meeting around him. He gets to the breakfast table, grabs and takes a full pot of coffee, turns around and heads right back out the door.
  14. arnoldbuck

    Your Favorite Babcock Moment

    someone get a picture from the Winterclassic. That would be mine.
  15. arnoldbuck

    1/5 GDT: United States at Canada

    It is so dumb. Pepsi Canada had a contest, make canada's new cheer, a-la, U-S-A!, U-S-A!, etc. and that is what we came up with. I guarentee I will be cheering for Canada, but I promise you I will Not be saying, eh, oh, canada go.