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  1. Lidstroms_girl_05

    Happy B-Day Dats!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY DATSYUK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Lidstroms_girl_05

    NHL's All Time Most Hated.

    1.Chris Pronger 2.Rob Niedermayer 3.Scoot Niedermayer 4.Jordin Toto 5.Jermery Roenick
  3. Lidstroms_girl_05

    What is your favorite Nicklas Lidstrom moment/play?

    hey everyone i would have to say my favorite moment of Nick Lidstrom's is when he won the Norris for the 4th time in a row this year will make 5 also when he won the Stanley Cup i know that probly sounds kind of stupid.
  4. Lidstroms_girl_05

    Nicklas Lidstrom

    yes Nick is the best captain. im not saying he is not better then Yzerman nobody will ever take Yzerman's place but i still think he is a good captain and no im not saying that just because i love him either
  5. Lidstroms_girl_05

    Chris Chelios

    yea i will give it up to him he has been playing very good and very good shape i hope he stays for a very long time. i would love to see him play til his oldest son Dean comes to the NHL i would love to see Dean play for the red wings that would make my day i heard he is a very good player
  6. Lidstroms_girl_05

    Non-Michigan fans: How did you become a Wings fan?

    my dad was born in Michigan, he is the whole reason i started to watch them i fell in love with them i remeber seeing McCarty scoring all those crazy goals it was awsome. ever since them i fell in love with them by the way it would help if i told you where i was from hehe i live in Alabama
  7. Lidstroms_girl_05

    Article on Calder

    thats funny, they need to get there players right