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  1. autographed memoribilia for sale

    It will take me some time to go through everything to get it together but I'l send you a list asap
  2. autographed memoribilia for sale

    I do have some Stevie stuff left but I am leaving for Russia till the end of the year so I will not be able to do anything till after the new year. If your interested in anything please contact me again after the new year Thanks Mike
  3. autographed memoribilia for sale

    zetterberg not on team in 2000 datsyuk not on team in 2000 holmstrom I have 3 game used sticks, one from each of the grindliners and they are signed by all 3 of the guys, now I have to check if it was Draper, Maltby, Homer or Draper, Maltby, McArty but either way I'd sell the grindline sticks for $150 if it's a single Homer or Draper I'd let it go for $125 draper
  4. autographed memoribilia for sale

    give me a call if your interested in the sticks 248-670-4553
  5. autographed memoribilia for sale

    too many to list, what players are you looking for, the one's that are gone are the lindstrom and Stevie Y but I have most other players from 95 to 00, prices are Dependant on the players but range from $75 to $300, I also have a J Ronick, a A McGuness, a devils stick signed by the whole team from a few years back, lots of goalie sticks including a E Belfore
  6. autographed memoribilia for sale

    I still have quite a few sticks if anyone is looking
  7. autographed memoribilia for sale

    Thanks for the compliments I do have a game used konstantinov stick but being a rare thing to find the price isn't cheap as far as the 8x10's I don't have a lot of desire to send pics and deal with shipping for the value of 8x10's but if your local to the metro detroit area your welcome to come over and do some shopping
  8. autographed memoribilia for sale

    Some of the sticks are from hockyytown and some of the gloves, for gloves I have murphy, (1) kozlov larinov, fetisov, federov, The murphy gloves are from hockeytown, the russian ones are from the 98 playoffs, kovlov collected them to auction off to rasie money for vladdie and I ended up with all of them
  9. autographed memoribilia for sale

    I have a stick from every wing player from 95 to 2001, the only ones not for sale are stevie and nick L all are game used and auto'd way too many to try to list, give me some names your looking for and I'll let you know what I have of that player, unless you live near Troy and then your welcome to come over and look at what's there
  10. autographed memoribilia for sale

    sorry the only thing left from stevie is a couple of pucks and a jersey
  11. autographed memoribilia for sale

    Still have some of this stuff for sale
  12. I have 5 framed test plates from the free press that are available These would make a great gift for the wings fan in your house please take the time to check them out at If your interested in more than one we can talk deal, I also have a few game used sticks and some other stuff, if your looking for something drop me a note and see I may have it
  13. autographed memoribilia for sale

    sorry those are a couple of the items I am keeping, I do have lots of Game used sticks(yzerman, shanahan, Roy, belfore, Gilmore, Ronick, entire 97 devils team, most any player from the wings from 1995 to 2001), a stevie y autograghed jersey, some frames and autographed printing plates from the front pages when they won the cup, took it to russia, met with the president, all framed in a smoke gray frame and matte
  14. autographed memoribilia for sale

    I sent you a pm Still have some nice sticks left I had one from every player that played for the wings from 1995 to 2000 so I have most all players if your looking for your favorite