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  1. Hasek/HC Pardubice set record, win championship

    Awesome photo gallery My link
  2. Hasek/HC Pardubice set record, win championship

    a. Dominator Clothing doesn’t exist anymore b. they went straight from winning the title on the road to a championship celebration at 11pm in the Town Square so, am gonna go with “not using title to promote clothing line”
  3. Hasek/HC Pardubice set record, win championship

    Linder I'm not sure D EVER got the girls, I mean he's been married to Alena for like 15 years or whatever it is, there WAS that '98 encounter where Linda Evangelista wanted to meet him at the Rangers game (per Sam Rosen, you know, when the Sabres played the Rangers and shut them out in like 6 of 7 games or something?!) but beyond that, I mean, Dom, not the typical ladies man (I mean, excluding YOU:>)
  4. Hasek/HC Pardubice set record, win championship

    Nice1 Loo. Did they show any of the games on that webcast link (was it or something?) I gave you? I never made the effort to catch is about as far as I go... p.s. I told you he'd dig out his old TPS pads, I took all the Brock bead tubes, remember? haha What a player, unreal.
  5. Hasek/HC Pardubice set record, win championship

    How would you like to be on a team that rode in THIS bus? lol Apparently it was an optional morning photoshoot...
  6. Hasek/HC Pardubice set record, win championship

    The question now is will Hasek, clearly at the top of his game, be invited to play at the World Championships after Vokoun's inactivity and the Czechs underwhelming Olympics?
  7. Ex-NHLer Radovan Somik beat HC Vitkovice Steel goaltender Stepanek less than a minute into overtime to lift Eaton HC Pardubice, led by 45-year-old Dominik Hasek, to a sweep for the Czech Extraliga championship title. Hasek stopped a penalty shot with three minutes left in regulation to keep his teams deficit at 2-1 before former Oiler Ales Pisa tied the game with 80 seconds left. Dominik allowed only five goals in the four game series, including a pivotal 1-0 shutout in game 2. Pardubice set a new record by winning 12 straight games in the playoffs after losing the first game of the first round 3-1. Hasek tore his adductor muscle in the regular season and missed two months before returning to play every minute in the playoffs including several back to back night games. Pardubice finished second in league standing in the regular campaign, Hasek lowered his regular season GAA of 2.26 to 1.66 in the playoffs and stopped 94% of his shots faced . Dominik also won titles with Pardubice in 1987 and 1989.
  8. Number Retirement

    Agreed Roy's Canadiens in '93 drew some damn lucky teams (avoiding top seed Boston, avoiding defending champ Pittsburgh, avoiding Toronto), Gretzky probably deserved the Conn Smythe but Roy could easily have deserved it as well. That said, the Habs were not "all that" in the regular season, c'mon... That said, I wish they'd retire Draper's shirt, that guy has worn the Wings on his sleeve if any player has...
  9. Top 3 Former Wings

    Hasek's not retired yet, dude.
  10. Number Retirement

    The real laugh-out-loud moment is how the league decided to retire number 99 from every team...
  11. Osgood.

    Osgood sucks, the end.
  12. Osgood.

    Their are some f'ing midnite tokers in this thread, sheesh!
  13. Most of you guys are tough winners, I hate the Ducks more than any team, hold the Red Wings as one of my favs but try to imagine your reaction if that was the winning goal to eliminate Detroit. I was instantly reminded of the goal in 2007 where Neidermayer pushed Hasek into the net and they counted it, I think it was the tying goal in Game 2 or something. I'm glad the Ducks can feel the disappointment to lose that way. Still, you don't like to see games decided that way. And the gift powerplays (that resulted in a goal for each team) were dumb too.
  14. Round 2 Playoff Picks Game: Final Standings

    Round 2 Template: DET/ANA 4-2 VAN/CHI 4-2 BOS/CAR 4-2 WSH/PIT 4-1