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    I like:<br />-HOCKEY! (air, road, table, mini, PS2, and any kind of hockey possible except field hockey)<br />-Playing guitar and listening to music such as AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, KISS, Guns 'N' Roses, The Who, DragonForce!<br />-Camping<br />---------------------------------------------------------------<br />I have a pet dog, mouse, and a Crested Gecko.My geckos name is Hank named after Zetterberg.

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  1. Zetter is Better

    Zetter is Better

  2. Zetter is Better

    What are you listening to? 2?

    Trapt - Still Frame
  3. Zetter is Better

    What are you listening to? 2?

    DragonForce - Starfire Disturbed - Meaning of Life Disturbed - 10,000 Fists Disturbed - Down with the Sickness
  4. Zetter is Better

    Sens New Jerseys

    LMAO! side note: When I went to all the play-off games here in Ottawa they had this sick video to pump up the crowd with all video clips from 300 with all the great qoutes from the movie and then at the end of the video it has the "We are Sparta" clip as the Sens enter, I hope they keep that intro.
  5. Zetter is Better

    Zetterberg injured?

    I seriously hope that Zata will recover from this injury 100%. I hope it won't be one of those injuries that limits his play time and keeps him in and out of the line-up. Rest up Z!
  6. Zetter is Better

    Chances of landing Forsberg...

    0%, we don't need him.
  7. Zetter is Better

    Staal Brothers Arrested...

  8. Zetter is Better

    Words between Bowman and crawford

    So people say there is some sort of video? Can anyone you-tube it for me? please...
  9. Zetter is Better

    Marleau for Redden?

    It actually sounds legit because San Jose needs some defenseman, the Sens need to make some cap room to re-sign Emery and Redden is asking way too much. (I think he wants like 6 million).
  10. Zetter is Better

    Marleau for Redden?

    This rumour has been floating around Ottawa, Redden for Marleau. What do you people think?
  11. Zetter is Better

    Kelly Kisio vs. Sersei Fedorov

    HAHA, the Shanny vid always makes me laugh! QUICK, bring him back
  12. Zetter is Better

    No way i would ever purchase that crappy jersey

    This isn't a new one, its a fake. Im pretty sure its just a practice jersey
  13. Zetter is Better

    No way i would ever purchase that crappy jersey

    IMO, it looks just like a practice jersey not a game jersey
  14. Zetter is Better

    Hartigan Listed On Wings Roster on Site

    No Howard on their either.
  15. Zetter is Better


    Its not what you said, its what some people are trying to turn it into. News flash, D-Mac cant fight for s*** anymore. He's past his prime and has been for a while.