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  1. So apparently many people who listen to the FAN 590 which had jimmy d on have been saying that when on the program he claimed to have bertuzzi signed within a week. Now i am not sure how credible this is but i feel that this does deserve some dicussion. Has anyone else heard about this?
  2. looking way ahead

    i know what you guys are saying, but the reasoning for getting an elite goalie would be because once lids leaves and raf is getting older, do you really expect out D to still be shutting down teams or limiting their shots, or do you think they could look human and give up high shot totals in many games. hence getting that elite goalie.
  3. looking way ahead

    so with all this talk of hossa and not resigning him, it got me thinking, lets say that we dont and keep the team we have. now next year we are still looking good. but the year after that when ozzy is really getting older and lids contract is up, do you guys see holland going after somebody like Luongo? If lids retires we will actually need a great goalie( not saying ozzy isnt but in two years who knows) and luongo might not want to resign in vancover. do you think anybody on the wings has that kind of forsight and do you think this could be a good option. that would really reload the team and help fill the void of lidstrom in case he retires or if he doesnt I do think that he will take a reduced salary. thoughts?
  4. awkwardness in the handshake line

    throughout watching this series, regardless of how it ends, does anyone else feel that as a player that there will be some awkwardness shaking the hand of somebody like perry or pronger? after getzlaf is yapping and throwing punches and what not, and after all the shananigans after the games, i cant help but feel that some of these players would rather not shake the hands of the opposition.
  5. so looking forward

    i am pretty sure you are being sarcastic but i do want to stress that i am not implying that we need a fighter but a power player who fights. we need a getzlaf, a lucic, a late 90 shanny, somebody on that top line. or get somebody to teach franzen to play more physical. It is just frustrating watching out team look like pussys.
  6. so looking forward

    As much as I love this team, and I wanna say that I am not overreacting to the recent brawl, but to me this team seems very similar to the pre 97 teams. Yes they are good enough to win the cup, obviously, but I cant help but think that the addition of another shanahan type player would really do wonders. Imagine that s*** at the end of this game happening but with somebody like Lucic on the ice. We really could use that type of player. So my question is, assuming we let hossa walk. either this offseason or next when lids contract is up, who can we target? Just trying to get some non playoff talk going to get my mind off of this game
  7. Would you want Crosby on the Wings?

    you my friend are crazy, first of all, Malkin and Crosby hardly play on the same line. Second of all, If you would take Zetterberg Hossa or Datsyuk over Crosby because of all around game, I dont think you realize that Crosby is only 21 years old. Yzerman was not a great all around player at this age either. He has plenty of time to develop even more and has already accomplished more than any of those players. You dont think if Crosby had the likes of Lidstrom on his defense he wouldnt be winning cups? I love all of our players but I am sorry, Crosby >>>>>> Dats, Z, Hossa
  8. now we all know how difficult it will be for the wings to sign both hossa and franzen. Since franzen will command upwards of 4 million I think we might be better letting him go. I know this has been beat to death but one thing I havnt heard you guys talk about is potentially dustin penner. Now there is strong word out of the oilers camp that he will be bought out this summer and my friend who is also an oilers fan also believes this. Would he be a good option to replace the big body of franzen for say maybe 3 million? maybe even less. If he is available I saw we let franzen walk and sign penner who has also in the past shown he can score goals, just not worth the current price tag. Sign hossa and let franzen walk and sign penner to a cheaper deal? what are your thoughts on this?
  9. what do you guys think about getting colby armstrong. he is a very young yet very gritty player that can hit fight contribute to the 4th line and has a pretty funny personality as well. It would also be funny to pick up another penguin that would help us win the cup. if we win it this year with hossa conklin in net and armstrong i think it would be pretty humorous
  10. Red Wings TV Ratings Down 21%

    there have been rumors circling about a potential deal with buffalo involving flip for drew stafford which i would jump all over. they really need a second line center and we can get rid of that 3 million and bring in a young potential power forward
  11. Ken Holland's "Deadline Special" Predictions

    we dont neet peca. we have a player who essentially fills that exact same role in draper
  12. Team toughness

    sounds like the answer to everyones prayers is mr. sean avery. a goon player who is not a liability(unless you count penalties) and can actually play. just kidding but seriously, if avery just shut up and played the game, he would be a pretty good asset for any team. a fighter/agitator who actually has skills to score. sounds like a young mac
  13. Would you wear an Avalanche jersey?

    Thank you! I dont know how some of you guys, being around in those times and watching our teams play and hating them with a passion can ever say that they would wear an avs jersey. some of you are so quick to say that the rivalry is dead and whatever but in any other sport, teams that are huge rivals obviously dont always have the best games and are on the same level. for example, im a die hard cowboys fan, therefore i hate the eagles. now a couple years back when the ealges were great and the boys sucked, obviously i hated the eagles, as im sure the avs fans still hate us. but the ealges fans wernt just pushing us aside, they still hated us too. then the teams are both good and its right up to where it was. i still hate the avs, i would never wear an avs jersey, i respect sakic, but i wouldnt buy his jersey or wear it. and it should be like that forever. i wont root for the avs, i wont cheer for their players. f*** the avs
  14. Bettman for the lulz

    haha classic
  15. Franzen out 3-4 weeks; more tests Monday

    this could be a good thing, we know how good the mule is, but less game equals worse stats, equals better contract for us, and as long as hes healthy in april. its all that matters