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  1. Oh YES!!!
  2. Whoo! In front at last.... I hope....
  3. Hmmm... so I was looking at my keyboard when the goal was scored and I look up and the replay showed that was down to Lilja.. why doesn't that surprise me?
  4. Ah - I thought that's what I heard.....
  5. Yeah. Last season.
  6. Howard? Interesting.... Actually I kinda like Versus right now - at least I get to see something other than Leafs games! Anyways - GO WINGS!
  7. Northern Ireland (where I'm from) has the Belfast Giants - a team to be proud of! One of the main problems with hockey over here is accessibility. Our own Elite league has no TV deal right now and the NHL games are really only available on NASN via subscription so probably most people don't even know that hockey exists!
  8. So I guess all the positive vibes worked then, huh?
  9. There ya go. I said Joey Mac was gonna get his win tonight
  10. Ok, that's enough of those now
  11. Took me the whole of the first to get it going, but I finally got the Yahoo stream with a little help from HenrikRules40
  12. Feeling better now?
  13. Yeah, right in time for the intermission