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  1. Draft Day Trade Rumours

    will the draft be televised on tv tonight like last year? and if so what channel and time?
  2. Free Agents That Might Sign with The Wings

    i graduated w/ chad and i have many mutual friends... he and i talked alot in high school and iv asked the friends he still talks w/ if he has any intention to try and play for the wings... they say he still loves th wings, but hes happy in hurricanville... i dont see him leaving.
  3. Holland: Defense is set, waiting for cap figure

    ah, i thought he was talking about current people in the wings org.
  4. Holland: Defense is set, waiting for cap figure

    im just trying to figure out who "jay" is from a post on the first page???
  5. Locker Room hats leaked (merged)

    wtf is w/ the white hats... last year and now potentially this years... they get dirty literally in a week... bump that crap.
  6. 1955 posts for game 7 STANLEY CUP WIN!

  7. this is why you re-sign in the off season

    uhhh ohhh one game... lets crucifie him...
  8. this is why you re-sign in the off season

    shut up
  9. Sounds of the Crowd - Game 5!

    you are my new favorite person here at lgw... ill try. thanks alot!!!
  10. Sounds of the Crowd - Game 5!

    what would really set that rafalski goal off is if we had ken screeming he shoots HE SCOREEEEEEEEEEEEES!!! id love that for a text sound on my phone... ken saying he shoots he scored or a mikeyism... like bingo bango gang.
  11. Describe Game 5 in one word

  12. Wow Pens Fans

    i still respect and admire malkypoo, and way more than i do cindy because i dont have any respect for that fagot at all... but malkypoo is quickly making me not really like him... just turning into a prongeresque type.
  13. im sorry, as much as i love my wings, they didnt have any wind in their sails last game, to be sucked out of them in the first place.
  14. "Pavel" Chants

    i think just pavel or just datsuk will be just fine... the whole euro singing thing at the soccer game was quite homoish and id laugh my ass off it that happened at a wings game.
  15. Crosby Dive

    thats the one! if only i could find video. i looked on youtube to no avail... that one right there was just stupid pathetic. thanks for the help.