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  1. Thanks for the heads up! Also, I found that they are showing the Toronto game in HD on channel 1750.
  2. I know this will be considered hearsay, but from a very connected friend - I know that Fil was offered 5 years, then 7 years at around 4.5 because he wanted longer term. He was hoping to negotiate 5 or more mil per also and wanted to use FA as leverage. He had no intentions of leaving Detroit, but got solid offers from Dallas and Tampa Bay and Detroit basically stopped negotiating when he turned down the 7 year offer. He wasn't thrilled to be leaving at the time.
  3. Looks like he might be headed to NJ.
  4. gdt

    Were there 4 rookies and Kindl out there for the OT win? God, the youth movement we all asked for has arrived.
  5. gdt

    If we couldn't put THAT in. God help us for the OT.
  6. gdt

    I'm sick of the d-men always turning back and bringing the puck behind the net. It always ends up with us being double teamed and stripped of the puck. Chip it out at this stage.
  7. Just took a quick look at the team stats. I think we give Jimmy and the D too much guff sometimes. We are top 5 in GAA.... insane.
  8. GDT

    Thanks for the penalty Smitty! Haha!
  9. Hey Vladdy... if it is still available, I'd like a crack at your code. The brothers and I have been talking about going and this could obviously help! Thanks either way!
  10. gdt

    LMAO. He literally looked like he was saying "My team is bulls***" and walked away. It reminded me of an online game of NHL 13.
  11. gdt

    Hahahaha. I mean, WTF? This is insane.
  12. gdt

    Nyquist looks like the only one who cares.
  13. Zetterberg has clearly been teaching everyone the art of protecting the puck along the boards and down low... Now can we get someone to teach Zetterberg and co. what to do next? We sure love our passes. If I were the coach, I'd put someone directly behind their net... like literally touching it and have him call for a pass. Then we might actually score accidentally.
  14. Yes, but with Lidstrom, Holmstrom, and Rafalski included. You're misunderstanding what I meant. We're not letting the next crop of players get any significant playing time with these guys outside of injuries happening and forcing us to. Instead, we're signing players like Sammy, Cleary, Cola, Huskins, etc. This is silly if we're trying to rebuild on the fly. We can't wait for Z and D to be gone before we start playing guys like Tatar and Nyquist full-time. Because if they don't pan out, we're royally screwed. Especially if we continue to not take chances or pay the high prices of the players that do come available.