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  1. Get well soon Matt! Prayers for you and your family!
  2. Yeah another bad point I missed the Cleary goal and they wouldn't not show it again but they kept showing the Shark plays two to three times after every play almost!
  3. Because all it takes is one shot for the other team to win all the time, it doesn't matter who we play. We can have 20,000 shots on goal in OT and the other team gets one shot and boom in our net.
  4. thanks Matt, I kind of like this board better to just make it red and white if possible and we'll be good!
  5. Yes I am done with Hockey, It's getting harder and harder to watch with the non calls. They might as well have said here you go Dallas, have your win!
  6. Well as it turns out, I'm not able to go because the person who has the tickets ended up getting sick, oh well maybe next time and thanks for all your help, sorry about jumping the gun
  7. Thanks Kevin, I noticed the camera thing on the Joe website. I'm still wondering about the two shots on the ice that are imcluded with the ticket.
  8. How about almost an hr? lol sorry I figured with 7 views someone would have madea comment.
  9. Well I guess I need to find somewhere lese to get my answers.
  10. Going to the game tonight. Have never been to one so I'm wondering just a few things. These may sound stupid but I'm going to ask anyway. I plan on taking my dad's Canon SLR will they allow that? Also my friend got these tickets, it's a package deal and it includes two shots on the ice. I'm wondering that means as I have never been to a game before! So excited! One more thing, do the players do autographs before or after games at all?
  11. I usually don't post much because I'm so busy with full time school but this dam Halrious! Brought tears to my eyes lololol!!
  12. That Flip was totally awesome! Oh the memories you guys have dug up awesome!
  13. That would be nice to have a one video on you tube. Maybe someone should email puck daddy to do that. I do agree with all of you on Nash's goal. Totally amazing!
  14. HAPPY NEW YEAR and a safe new year at that! Another cup would be nice yes!!