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  1. Mudvayneowns91


  2. Mudvayneowns91

    Respect to Penguins

    They deserve some credit I suppose, but watching how badly the Pens acted in game 5...... The words Penguins and respect wont be said in the same sentence by me any time soon unless there's a lack there of in front of the respect.
  3. Mudvayneowns91

    Lastchange,Matchup's the key?

    I'm not extremely shocked. It took us 7 games to beat the 8th seed. I think the Ducks were a hell of a lot better than just a 8th seed, but still.....that series wasn't a cake walk. They even struggled at times in the Chicago series. Although I do think the Wings will pretty convincingly on Friday.
  4. Mudvayneowns91

    Wings Troubles at the Beginning of Games

    I might just be misunderstanding you, but what about game 5? I kinda see some comparisons with the Lakers and the Wings. They are the teams that are favored to win, but they go through these spells where they just look awful. Then when people to start to panic they seem to pull out the victory. It's almost like they don't play to their potential unless the series is really on the line.
  5. Mudvayneowns91

    Interesting ESPN polls

    Man Utd has been the most dominant in my opinion. They've won their league title 7 times in 10 years and 9 times in 13 years. I definitely don't like the Spurs, but I feel they should be considered. They have more titles than the Lakers, Wings, Patriots or the Yanks in the last 10 years. Definitely. They've been very successul in the EPL, but then when you add other competition victories like the League cup, FA cup or European Championship.... The Red Devils have been a bit more successful.
  6. Mudvayneowns91

    Conn Smyth

    I haven't been on in awhile, but apparently Lebda is still this sites whipping boy (I'm sure Sammy too) . However, I do get your poiy. I'm just saying Lebda has been pretty solid as a 4/5th d-man.
  7. Mudvayneowns91

    WCSF GAME 4 GDT: Red Wings 6 at Ducks 3

  8. Mudvayneowns91

    WCSF GAME 4 GDT: Red Wings 6 at Ducks 3

    Franzie, Hossa and Perry all with two goals by the end of the 2nd. I was almost certain that one of them would of gotten the hatrick.
  9. Mudvayneowns91

    WCSF GAME 4 GDT: Red Wings 6 at Ducks 3

    It's been roughly over a year since my computer has worked. Could someone give me an injury update on Rafs and Draps?
  10. Mudvayneowns91

    Report: Sundin wants to play for Rangers

    Good, I hope the Rangers do sign him. They can continue the trend they've have for awhile now. The Rangers are easily one of my least favorite franchises. It makes me laugh to see them always signing big name players (prior and post salary cap era) and having nothing to show for it. Spend all the that money NY, doubt I'll see you lifting the cup anytime soon.
  11. Mudvayneowns91

    Ryan Smyth

    For whatever reasons the guy hates everything to do with Colorado. Thinks we have lepers or something... Not too sure if everything works well in his head.
  12. Mudvayneowns91

    Articles on Meech and Babcock on Stuart

    Wow, ignorance at it's finest. I really dislike the Wolverines and the Tigers, but that doesn't mean I'm going to say Michigan is a horrible place (especially w/o ever visiting there) full of aids and cancer patients. I'm also pretty sure Detroit sportswriters have written their fair share of stupid articles too. Anyways... Keep hating Denver w/o any valid reason. It doesn't bother me anymore considering the source.
  13. Mudvayneowns91

    Articles on Meech and Babcock on Stuart

    Have you actually been to Colorado......... Weird how if you look here it says Denver is in the top 10 for nicest places to live. I guess you know more though
  14. Mudvayneowns91

    Stuart Won't be physical

    Yeah, the initial post didn't seem to make much sense or at least have any real points to back it up. I was just saying the first few posters made the point that the initial post wasn't very well thought. After awhile, it was getting old and it just seemed like people were being rude and redundant with their posts. It seemed really unnecessary to me and if I was that guy, I really wouldn't want to post here anymore. I'd just like to see a bit more civility from some of the people on this site.
  15. Mudvayneowns91

    What happened, Holland? Cap space for what?

    Too bad Notre Dame hasn't been playing that well