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  1. Ha yea its always a good series when your on the winning side!! GO WINGS!!!!
  2. He does seem ok to me.. but can you blame the guy he doesnt want to get rocked like that again!
  3. Yea its true the second line was not very productive at all Lang especially I thought was week with his slow skating and slow shot release I think we should move him down to the 4th line and Filppula up to the second for sure. And maybe even let Franzen take Samuelsson’s spot cause he was also struggling.
  4. Yea i like the looks of this although it should look a lil different we cant put Lang on our checking line and Cleary should be back with Draps: Dats-Hank-Homer Franzen-Filppula-Bertuzzi Maltby-Draper-Cleary Hudler-Lang-Calder
  5. Sounds Great Give Flipper some guys to clear a path for him!! hahah
  6. Yea I like the sound of this plan... Lang must go and so could Markov for cap space... I think that Lebda could easily fill his spot and it would be less money, so that they could resign Bert and Calder. Keeping Schneider is really a non-issue in my mind we need him hes a great blue liner!
  7. Where's Hank I thought that he was supposed to be back by the last few games of the season so that he could get back into the grove instead of just jumping right into the playoffs. I know he's skating with the team but common I want to see #40 back!!
  8. I think he definitely should be re-signed next year what a beast he is, is right! I dont think that if hes signed for any $5.6 mil hell get close to that next year with the amount he has played this year in general. He will have to work up to that amount once again.
  9. Congrats Marty, he deffenitly deserves it hes a great goaltender!
  10. Wow this is terrible news i sure hope hes not out that long, and when the hell is Hank coming back?!?! I thought he was supposed to be back for the last few games so he could get back in the grove i know he skating with the team but common he needs to get bumped around a lil to get in the grove!
  11. Yea I herd that too I hope that Hully doesn’t know what he’s talking about but idk he may have a point... it would be huge if we ended up loosing Datsyuk, thats why we need to sign him asap for tat 5 mil for 4 years if thats what he wants or what ever he wants!
  12. Well this does seem to be the best plan so far I don’t think we should split up Dats, Homer, and Hank. Although I remember seeing a special during intermission that Huds, was or may still be living at Langs house, so im seeing some special bonding or some chemistry there in that sense so I think that the lines should look like this: Dats, Holmer, Hank Filp, Bert, Calder -- Durring this time that Hanks been out Fillpula shown me a lil something on the first line Drapes-Malts-Cleary Huds, Lang, Franzen
  13. Well I'll admit it I really wasn’t to happy about the Williams Calder trade but now I think that he'll fit right in here with the wings, having gotten a goal and two assists in his first two games. He really must have been having a poor year over there on the worst team in the league (Philly).
  14. I doubt that we would have the cap room to get him.. and I dont think that the wings locker room would be big enough for his ego... I would much rather look at getting rid of Lang for Jokinen...
  15. A lil disappointed about this one personally I wanted to see him in a Wings Uniform. This trade will probably put Atlanta as a forerunner for the East along with there other weapons like Kovalchuk and Hossa.. What does everyone else say about this trade?