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  2. DRWHockeyGood

    Weird places you've worn the Winged Wheel.

    Warsaw, Poland. Studying abroad this semester and I have been wearing it on game days, lots of strange looks.
  3. DRWHockeyGood

    Playoff matchups

    The two teams that really scare me are Anaheim & San Jose and if they somehow meet eachother, most likely in the 2nd round, that would be an exciting series, and also help the wings out, assuming we don't see them in the first round.
  4. DRWHockeyGood

    Dumbest thing you've ever heard another teams fans say

    A funny thing I heard at a game was in the 05-06 pre-season and the wings were playing Dallas. A buddy and I moved down to seats near the Dallas bench and the two guys in front of us all night had been harassing the bench all game. Then during the 2nd period Steve Ott went to hit Lids right in front of us, but Lids move and Ott went face first into the glass cutting him self above the eyebrow. Ott went to the bench and as he was being bandaged up the guy in front of us yells "Hey Ott, tell your girlfriend you got into a fight" then with out hesitation Steve Ott turns around and replys, "Alright that’s what I'll tell your wife tonight." The guy was completely awe struck and it shut him, up for a while.
  5. DRWHockeyGood

    Fedotenko and Blake

    The only place where I have seen Fedotenko is from Eklund
  6. DRWHockeyGood


    What About Ryan Smyth?