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  1. Did somebody from TENNESSEE (aka appalachia) really claim that the stereotype of a michigan hockey fan is that they live in trailers, inbreed and have no teeth? isn't that exactly what you picture when you think of whoever wrote that?
  2. I would liek to see that too. But i highly doubt Babcock will put Filppula and Hudler on his first 2 lines. But i really like the potential out of the top three lines.
  3. Thats because he doesn't have a ******. EDIT: yes i am completely joking. infact I myself am crying right now.
  4. You need a towel? EDIT: If you do i like totaly understand...
  5. Of coarse! 25 points in 11 games is a no-brainer. this 2-3 week break will give him a much needed break to catch up on his knitting.
  6. But the good book does say "Feareth not my children, I shall take my son from you at the birth of a time in which you shall have dire need for him, but this will force your second line to increase production and groometh them for what is sure to be a testing and steady road to Stanley's Grail. And all will be good." It's all in there, i just don't know where. If anyone has the time to find this verse please let me know. . .
  7. Dom stays down quite a bit when he feels comfotable that we have control of the puck again.
  8. Blues fans hate wings fans for the same reason Iraqis hate Americans. We go to their house and own them.
  9. Are we talking about one of those nice soft ottomans? (whatever plural is for ottoman is >>Ottomaii?) Or the uncomfortable Lilja type?
  10. Wow. You my friend have a gift. Calder did infact just score on his first shift as a wing. Maybe that means he really is the new Cory Cross.
  11. A+. i found out about Bertuzzi just as i was reaching for the ever-present panic button.
  12. Dats - Z - Homer Calder - Lang - Bert Sammy/Cleary - Draper - Hudler Franzen - Filppula - Maltby Hudler needs more ice. Maltby needs less.
  13. Awsome. Homer and Bert on the first two lines . . .