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  1. mooose kiiisses

  2. 2009-10 Prediction Thread

    I thought the fact that there is no all-star shootout was why it would be interesting. haha this is it: Wings win the cup. Crosby will not letter for Canada. if and only if, Miller's on his game does Team USA have a shot.
  3. Minnesota Wild unveil new third jersey

    it's not just you. I like the green, it's unique, but the actual jersey looks too much like a college hockey jersey.
  4. Great nicknames from the NHL

    Ozzy isn't on there. And what's worse, neither is The Captain. 'Rocket' was way overused.
  5. driving directions from toronto to the joe

    you need a birth certificate and picture ID. and you'll have more trouble getting into the U.S. than getting back into Canada. yes, tickets to the game would help.
  6. Stevie Y.

    damn. okay, thanks for the clarification guys.
  7. Stevie Y.

    #1: i wasn't sure so i asked. i also thought it was a mistake but i thought someone on here might know something. the text is from Red Wings Mobile News from the sign up link is on their homepage. #2: i am not full of s***, i'm not the only one who got it. and my eyes are blue thank you very much. and #3: i'm not a 'him'. but here's a pic anyways... it's blurry but it's the best that would take, and it's still legible.
  8. Post Everytime You Look

    THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT I GOT!!! i'm losing it i'm so excited. but i don't want to get my hopes up!
  9. Stevie Y.

    i just got a text from the Red Wings Mobile News saying The Captain will come out of retirement and be on the ice in mid-November. anyone know anything about this? i'm freaking out!!!
  10. Preseason TV Schedule

    last year they had free NHL Center Ice Online for the pre-season games. the picture was awful and there was no scorebox so you couldn't tell how much time was left or what the score was if you missed part of the game. but it was better than nothing.
  11. Charity Softball Game

    Last year it was at Memorial Field on 13 Mile & Woodward. And they played the Royal Oak Fire Department. I was really looking forward to going this year, I hope but highly doubt there will be one. = ( not as entertaining as The Pain Train. He taught himself to hit a baseball by throwing it in the air himself so he swings one handed. He's pretty good at it too. I think he got a 'homerun' last year. Malts did too. The field was no where close to normal size though, even for children. [just a few fun facts]
  12. Are we really Hockeytown?

    and that's not mentioning that games & pre/post coverage on FSN are replayed about 3 times after the actual live coverage is finished. and the post game coverage is replayed in the morning around 6ish. the previous night's scores are on the radio constantly, and reminders for a game that night. and there is still Red Wings Weekly and Spotlight to consider. -- i can't believe i actually read every single post. EDIT: oh, and $22 dollar tickets are single seats. i go to games to spend time with my father, therefore single seats do me no good. and that is the case for most people, most of the time any kind of sports games are used for bonding time with family & friends, single seats don't help.
  13. have any of you ever written to NHL players?

    another way to get autographs is by going to the charity softball game in september. it's crowded and hot, but is worth it to see them actually sign your stuff in front of you. and you can get pictures with them. oh, and bring sunscreen. i made that mistake last year. i looked like this because of the sun: but this because i was there:
  14. question about Datsyuk's number

    Thanks for clearing that up for me. I always wondered if he picked #13 because Boris Mikhailov wore it in the 1980 Olympics. Guess I was wrong, isn't the first time and I daresay won't be the last.
  15. Wings Petitioning to Have Meech's Name on the Cup

    we were down to 2 regular defensemen in the beginning of 2008, and still won most of the games! that wouldn't have happened without Meech's experience. He was called up by Detroit last season. Otherwise we would have had another dman from GR that had never played in the NHL before. just my opinion. whoopdefreakingdoo, a conditioning stint. he traveled with the Wings. even when he didn't play, he was still there.