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  1. I have nothing meaningful to contribute.....but crave the social interaction.
  2. What a save!!!
  3. The only thing missing is Ken & Mickey calling it....
  4. Feels like a playoff game. Great pace and intensity.
  5. Best hockey I've seen all season......
  6. And that's the game! No nightmares tonight.....
  7. hahahahahahaha empty net goal!!!
  8. Nice shift by Cleary. How often has anyone said that lately?
  9. Another PK.......
  10. Z needs to go clean shaven or full beard. The stache on it's own is just.....wrong.
  11. 6:00 left. Penalty kill coming up. Familiar script......
  12. Fixed.
  13. Yessir
  14. Yeah, the ASG is a joke. I never watch it, as it's boring hockey anyway. The skills competition is the only thing worth watching.....and not for long. And we're letting the Ducks hang around. I smell an overtime loss at this rate. (Yes, someone slap me.)
  15. And Howard's not on the All Star ballot.