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  1. Konnan511

    Hall of Fame Boards

    I, too, am not a smart man. Same name here and there.
  2. Konnan511

    Yzerman vs Fedorov. Which one was better?

    Most talented player and had the better peak? Fedorov. Add in leadership and drive, Yzerman. Fedorov was the most dominating player I have ever seen play. He controlled games, he controlled the ice, and most importantly he flat out balled.
  3. Larkin....what are you doing buddy?
  4. Not a smart penalty to take there, eesh.
  5. Did Howard not see the puck being dropped?
  6. Looks like Moose got the goal with a tip.
  7. Not a bad period. The guys showed a lot of promise. Hopefully we come out flying in the second.
  8. Awful awful low IQ play by Nielsen.
  9. It'd be amazing if Abby gets a goal, just to here this arena erupt in boos.
  10. Entertaining game, getting really testy out there.
  11. Good win! I like winning a hell of a lot more than losing.
  12. If we keep the puck out of our net for the 3rd period, I think we have a solid chance of winning this game.
  13. Fantastic start, strong start to the second.
  14. Konnan511