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  1. poxer


  2. poxer

    Play-by-Play Announcers

    Jim Hughson and Gary Thorne
  3. poxer

    Each Organization's Flagship Player

    The list and suggestions look pretty good but whenever I think of Washington I always think of Kolzig and Ovechkin
  4. poxer

    Toledo Walleye Affiliation?

    There is no way they could have kept the Storm name. The guy who owned said name was asking for too much money and the people who own the Mud Hens didn't want to pay that much for it. So they were all sitting around and thinking of names, Walleye was the best choice I guess. I personally would have gone with Carty's choice, "Toledo Peckerheads." Lulz would ensue.
  5. poxer

    Whats up Detroit... Not a Pens or Wings fan

    haha, thanks for the laugh. Oh, Pitt. What a town. Have they watched Dats? He's been anything but garbage. It may be a surprise to them, but there are other ways a player can perform other than scoring goals...but hey, perhaps they didn't get the memo. Thanks for posting
  6. poxer

    Members photos

    I went to San Diego for vacation two weeks ago and took 1700+ photos there here are three of myself... I'm sure I'll post more when I get un-lazy Me just in front of the botanical building with its pond and the cool architecture at the other end (Balboa Park) With the huge fountain toward the back of the park This is me in the cactus garden. That hill drops off on pretty much the other side of me. Someone else was having a photo shoot there so me and the boyfriend decided it would be fun EDIT: This is actually HkyTwn. Apparently the boyfriend signed on under my computer and left his name up.
  7. poxer

    a little fun - WHAT NUMBER?

    I believe you are mistaken. Seeing as how I learned binary 18 is actually 10010.
  8. poxer

    Pressure now to get Filppula signed

    They are probably working out a deal right now. Lock him up for about 3-5 years.
  9. poxer

    Kopitar to Detroit after next year?

    If we got Kopitar I would be so exited. He's friggen amazing. Put him with Dats and Zets and he will only get better.
  10. poxer

    Pavel Datsyuk

    Makes me happy I bought his jersey last year
  11. poxer

    Official Wings Cup Parade Information

    I'll be driving up from Toledo. 90 degree heat, here I come... God I hate summer.
  12. poxer

    We will Win Game 6 by a landslide

    Lets put it this way, we better have a clear cut win in game 6 because I could only watch the first 3 periods of game 5. Then I had to work at UPS... Then I brought my cell phone in (not allowed to do that. ) and got a text saying Sykora scored. Needless to say... I stopped working hard. It would be nice to watch that game in its entirety though. Game 6 will be a tough win but if Wings play like they did in period 3 of game 5 Pens stand no chance.
  13. poxer

    AO makes a Canadian Dollar at Worlds

    Wow. I found that kinda hilarious. But when people F with octopus that basically jinxes them... So wouldn't you say its a good thing he did that if you're a Canadian fan?
  14. poxer

    Interesting Tidbit About Darren McCarty's Return

    If you watched the post-game conference with Babcock he said McCarty was up on the bench screaming don't stop attacking keep attacking with only 6 mins left in the 3rd. McCarty brings a certain edge to his game and his experience really helps the younger players. Its funny you mention that video because I just watched it like a month ago and started to think the same thing.