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Red Wing fans

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Guest DetroitIan

These are my thoughts after watching another convincing victory over the Habs last night; how lucky are we, as Red Wing fans? We have just been blessed with a HELL of a team for over a decade, thanks to great coaching, great scouting, and great management... Which other team can boast about their front office like we can?

It is so easy to see that we are spoiled rotten by this team!!! So here's my thanks to the Red Wing organization, in these holidays, for giving us something and someone to cheer for; for giving us something to think and talk about other than gas prices, war, or our crappy day at work

and last but not least, thank you MATT for giving us a place where we can post such messages and share the great memories this team is giving us!

PS: I am not drunk nor high right now, just a really satisfied Wings fan from Montreal :P


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Stop. I'm getting all misty.

Sure, being one of the O6 is a big deal all by itself, but everything associated with the wings, what can be said? The names, the numbers, coaching, front office, the staff, the frickin' skate sharpener, the guys on the ice ... every single one plays/works for the front of that jersey.

We cuss and holler that we got knocked out early, what about Borque, who had to sign w/ the divealanche to lift his cup? Or the hundreds of players that never will. our team is ALWAYS in the hunt. Would we be any less vocal if our... knock on wood... team was a perriennial bottomdweller? HELL NO! Of course we're gonna second guess babs every damn line change, but look what we're criticising ...

your Detroit Red Wings.


I guess we know really know why everybody hates us

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