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  1. Wtf was that Kassian clearly jumped off the ice
  2. That was one hell of a weekend and I still can't believe I was able to attend both games.. so thankful I got to see Tinky score hahahaha felt so good I can't imagine for him!! feel so fulfilled, nostalgic and sad the Wings won't be in the playoffs. Here's looking forward to the rebuild! crowd at the the Joe is simply amazing!
  3. Apart from Hudson Cafe, where do y'all go get brunch? Where can my gf and I kill time while we wait for game time? We already booked an escape the room game Thanks for your help!
  4. ZAta's too nice. There shoulen't be any harm in telling her that he expects smarter questions from her ....god these post-game interviews are getting more and more ridiculous... these aren't even questions, just suggestive comments
  5. Watched the recording of the game... no pressure what so ever, consistently bad passing, minimal skating... these are young, talented and very capable players... and they've played like this for most of the season. I'm making my way down for the final 2 games I hope to God they give a bit of hope for next year
  6. whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat
  7. I don't know if I should start believing they're tanking in purpose?
  8. I'm liking that Nosek kid!
  9. Couldn't waitch :/..... Was the goal as orgasmic as yesterday's?
  10. Nyquist looking like he's developping into quite the setup man
  11. So much awesomeness!!!
  12. Whether or not it's a goal, I am liking Mantha more and more everyday
  14. Is it me or has Nielsen looked completely invisible and/or useless lately?