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St.Paul chosen as new Hockeytown USA

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I think the article and the argument is a bit on the dopey side. Having said that, I was able to see the Wings play the Wild at St. Paul a couple of years ago. The Xcel Energy Center is a terrific. The place was packed on a Monday night and there was a ton of energy. When Stevie scored for the Wings, I heard a Wild fan behind me say, "You just saw a goal scored by one of the greats." There was a vocal minority of Wings fans there. I had some good hockey-related discussions with the people around me--including about why the North Stars failed and bemoaning that the current ownership wasn't doing enough to win despite a sold-out building. The only "argument" I got into was a disagreement on an icing touch-up (I still think Schneider got there first). There was also the obviously well-to-do but equally obviously drunk Wild fan who said something incomprehensible to me at the end of the game, which the Wings won. I took it as a compliment :)

The point is that "Hockeytown" is a marketing gimmick that isn't really worth getting all that worked up about. Hopefully this new guy the Wings hired can get the Joe filled again.

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Guest jaytan

I think things are fine as is. Minnesota is the State of Hockey (replete with an anthem and flag :lol: ) and until someone rips it from Detroit, it should remain Hockeytown, USA.

Both areas produce towns of players and have a lot going on in terms of NHL, collegiate and minor hockey, but Minnesota's lost an NHL team and hasn't ever won a Cup. Detroit's Original Six and has more Cups than any other team in the country.

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