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Round 3 Game 3

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I don't know how many people may be interested, but I had an idea for game 3.

This will be the only game I will be in town for, sadly. Sorry I have been slacking on the posting and chat room action, I've had very sparse internet from the road.

I will still be working, but the band I work for is playing at the I-Rock in Detroit. I already spoke with the club and they will 100% have the game on all of the TVs, so if anyone likes a good rock show, I will be at the I-Rock with the band Bobaflex on the 22nd for game 3.

If anyone thinks it would be a good idea, feel free to let me know, or just show up.

You will be able to find me at the merch table, most likely.

Cover is $12, and there should be a handful of other good bands there as well.

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