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Are you crazy with Detroit Red Wings?

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Hey, my dear friends,

I'm crazy about Detroit Red Wings. What about you?

I like the team, so I often get something to support them, just as other fans usually do!

Recently, I buy several jerseys of good quality but cheap price from http://www.america-jerseys.com

I find it so cool! Not only the letters and number are sewn on jerseys body, 100% embroidery, but also the jerseys are customizable, so if you don't find the player you want (or you want to put your name on the jersey) you can do that also. How cool!

If you are interested, just feel free to contact him. You can contact them by MSN: america-jerseys@hotmail.com or E-mail: americajerseys@yahoo.com

If you have any other cool stuff about the team, you can also recommend it to me, thanks.

Now I will show you picture, tell me what do you think of the jersey I bought?

I will be very gratitude if you can give me your opinion.



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