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Bill Guerin will NOT be offered a contract

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1st Bolded part: No one challenged you. You just thought they did.

2nd bolded part: Averaging out a players productivity over a career is asinine when you're looking to sign a player. By the logic you were trying to use, Fedorov should have been signed for the 3rd line center position

3rd bolded part: Yes, we get it, Guerin isn't a league minimum player. The sky is also blue. No one disagrees with either, but you still seem to be talking as if you think people disagree.

Never once did I claim that a player should be paid *a new contract* based on their entire career. What I was saying is that Guerin has put up steady numbers his entire career on both good and bad teams. I had to use that argument when EZ stated his numbers were inflated last season because of playing alongside Crosby and Malkin.

Do you really believe this or are you just spouting it to try and save face? I know Crosby is hated around here, but you seriously can't compare point totals by playing alongside him for 17 minutes a night to playing with Hudler and Modano for 13-14 minutes a night. Sorry, I like big mike and Huds as much as the next EVA, but this is not comparable. Crosby is one of the most productive centers in the league, and the difference in opposition does not make up for 3-5 minutes more ice time a night and the talent difference.

Probably not completely, but I do think it would bridge the gap.

And no, I wasn't trying to save face one bit, nor was I trying to be argumentative.

Nobody can, obviously, but you seem to be automatically assuming that he will score 20 goals no matter where he plays... what's the difference between auto-assuming he will and auto-assuming he wont? You are just going the opposite way that most everyone else is going.

You're correct...there's no difference. Simply put, since we can't auto-assume I was going by his entire career, and even more notably his two most recent seasons before last year while playing on a s***ty NYI team.

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