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Autographed Photos

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it completely depends on what someone is willing to spend on it.

you didnt post a pic or any details, so i have zero idea of what you have, so that doesnt help either.

and i wouldnt go by the website posted above. its a reputable company, but they charge the highest possible price for their stuff, and that doesnt reflect what you would get for something similar at all if you were to try and sell it.

assuming your autographed photo is an 8x10, and the signatures are nice and clean, you would probably get anywhere between 70-100 dollars, and more if you have a certificate of authenticity from a reputable source or proof of authenticity of some form.

the frame wouldnt increase or decrease its value by much, assuming its a basic frame.

peep ebay completed listings for an idea of what people are spending on whatever it is you have, theres always a few things signed by the production line both up for auction and completed listings.

i'd hang on to it though, its only gonna increase in value.

ive been collecting red wings things and autographs since i was 5, and im 25 now.

i got this 8x10 signed when i was 7 or 8 and have zero plans of selling it, ever.


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i'd hang on to it though, its only gonna increase in value.

I agree. I love collecting sports memorabilia, because you know it's only going to go up in value if you get a decent players autograph. I have a puck signed by Alex Delvecchio, a basketball signed by Michael Jordan and Dr J, and a Carlton Football Club (Aussie rules football) jersey signed by pretty much the whole team from back about 10 years ago.

I keep looking to find some Production Line stuff, or something signed by Abel, but it's tough to find. I'd suggest you hang onto your photo, but if you really want to sell it, and you have some sort of COA, I'll make you an offer.

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