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  1. TNBT

    Jersey question

    Thanks for the link to this site. They seem to have a lot of stuff. Can anyone tell me how good their products are? If they're good quality, then I might just get myself a Reebok jersey customized if I can't find and old one.
  2. TNBT

    Jersey question

    Thanks for the advice guys. I'm interested to hear what some of these "horror stories" about are. I've been thinking of getting some stuff from their online store for a while now, so it would be good to know what some of the problems with them are.
  3. TNBT

    Jersey question

    Hey guys, it's been a long time since I have been around. I'm hoping to get my first legit hockey jersey soon, and my favorite all-time player is Sergei Fedorov. The easiest way I can come up with to get a Fedorov Wings jersey is to go to the online store on the Wings site and customize one with his name and #91 on it. That brings me to my question: I know there have been a couple of little changes to the jersey since Fedorov was on the team, such as the C or A being on the other side of the front of the jersey. What I need to know is have there been any real important changes to the jersey from when Fedorov was here to now? Basically, if I customize a current style jersey with Fedorov's name and number, will it look the same as if I had got the jersey back in the 90's when he was here? Or has the jersey changed that much that it would be stand out as being a current jersey rather than being the same as the one the team wore back in the 90's? Thanks for your help. If I can't work out a way to get a Fedorov jersey, then I may end up with a Jonathan Toews jersey, with the Blackhawks being another favorite team of mine.
  4. TNBT

    Mitch callahan

    So how many more years before he has a realistic shot at making the Wings roster?
  5. TNBT

    Insane Situation at the Shark Tank

    That was crazy. I don't know how they didn't see that when it happened. I thought their job was to watch the play... Anyway, at least they have video replay to help them make decisions. It would have been handy for whatever team it was that got screwed in the soccer World Cup when a clear goal was wiped away.
  6. TNBT

    Unlikely Fight Thread

    Has Filppula ever been in a fight? If so, I'd like to see it.
  7. TNBT

    Crazy finish in Pittsburgh

    I'm somewhat of a Rangers fan, so it's great to see them get the win. Sounds like it would have been a crazy game to go to.
  8. TNBT

    Mitch callahan

    For sure. I like the way this team goes about drafting and signing players in general too. Even the "skill players" we go after are usually all at least a little defensively responsible and gritty.
  9. TNBT

    Jonathan Ericsson Watch Thread

    Good to see Ericsson playing well. I got NHL 2011 yesterday, so I am trying to organize my lines and defensive pairings. With a fully healthy team, what pairings would we be most likely to use?
  10. TNBT

    Mitch callahan

    I'm really looking forward to seeing what this kid can do in the future. He has great toughness and grit, and it seems he can actually play good hockey too.
  11. TNBT

    Autographed Photos

    I agree. I love collecting sports memorabilia, because you know it's only going to go up in value if you get a decent players autograph. I have a puck signed by Alex Delvecchio, a basketball signed by Michael Jordan and Dr J, and a Carlton Football Club (Aussie rules football) jersey signed by pretty much the whole team from back about 10 years ago. I keep looking to find some Production Line stuff, or something signed by Abel, but it's tough to find. I'd suggest you hang onto your photo, but if you really want to sell it, and you have some sort of COA, I'll make you an offer.
  12. TNBT

    Babcock to Change Defense Pairings

    Probably not, but we have the depth to do it, so why not? It's not a guarantee that they will all play exactly 20 minutes each night either. It may average out to that, but if we're in a close game in the 3rd period and Lidstrom has already played 20 minutes, Babcock wont care - he's going back in. I think this could be a good thing for this team as it means the older guys get plenty of rest, and the young guys get more minutes than they would on most teams, which will only help their development. By young guys I am referring to Ericsson and Kindl and/or Smith if they get called up.
  13. TNBT

    Article on Downey

    I'm really excited to see Callahan develop as well. I agree that we don't need to go crazy and start drafting goons with every pick, but it would be nice if we added a few more bigger and physical guys. As for the draft, I was hoping we'd trade up for Dylan McIlrath, but he went 10th (I think) to the Rangers. That kid is going to be a really good player. As for Downey, I think it has all been said. We have Abdelkader, Helm, Eaves, Miller, Draper, Maltby and Ritola who will all play before Downey, so I don't really see any spot for him with the Red Wings. He said he'd be happy wherever he plays, as long as he's in the organization, so maybe he can get some ice time in Grand Rapids or below?
  14. I agree with the Nyquist talk. I am VERY excited to see he and Tatar develop. If Sheahan develops like we all hope he will, those three may form our first or second line in a few years.
  15. TNBT

    Babcock to Change Defense Pairings

    Are those the lines that you would like to see? Or what you expect to see?