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Forums upgraded!

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The LGW.com forums were down for about three hours this afternoon as I undertook an upgrade of the forum software. It is the first (and major) step in revamping the forums itself. The second will be a brand new skin (more white-based, as many members have remarked about liking in the past) which I'll be implementing BEFORE the non-forum areas of the site are overhauled as development on that is taking longer than projected*.

(*The main site has been undergoing a ground-up development and was used Joomla 1.5.22 as a platform. Most of the work on that was completed, outside some design alterations. Just this week Joomla has released a new version, 1.6, that will require another re-work, though not "ground up". Instead of releasing LGW on the 1.5 platform that will see NO further developments, I have already started adapting the the site to the 1.6 edition, though the techniques used to render the site -- templates, third-party extensions, etc. -- are different or don't yet have 1.6 compatibility immediately. The third-party extensions will have 1.6-compatible versions within the next two months.)

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