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Where to buy Octopus near HP Pavillion

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You don't have to go to SF, it's not like every sushi bar owner and seller of fish is a hockey fan.

Try any of the more authentic sushi bars.

Ninja Star Sushi Bar - 130 E. Santa Clara St. , San Jose , CA 95113

I've had live octopus there, I'm sure you could get it as takeout.

Good luck! :D

I dont think that it will be properly prepared. We dont want to mess up the ice when we throw em so it needs to be boiled just so. Kinda wish they had Al on hand to swing it. :cool:

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Guest Grayne Wetzky

I am en route to HP Pavillion via BART/Caltrain, if anyone out there wants to help me out by meeting me with an octopus somewhere, I'll pay you for it. I am confident I can conceal it's entry, and I'm 100% determined and committed to tossing it. I will also need plastic wrap & duct tape...

Hit me up at derhuhn@gmail.com to coordinate quickly.

I am going to YouTube the whole thing so we can all re-live this great victory!

Damn, dude.

I needed more notice. I said I would, and I don't want to be a welch. I just got off work and checked this thread, so I'm out of time.

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