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December 2011 Schedule Wallpaper Now Available!

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Thanks for the great feedback last month everyone! I do like the inclusion of the Grand Rapids Griffins schedule, but I'm trying to find an effective way of applying it to the current rendition without it getting too busy -- especially at smaller resolutions. Speaking of (slightly) smaller resolutions: You can now use the LGW Calendar Schedule Wallpaper on your iPhone4/S and your iPad/2! The iPhone4 version is specifically formatted for your lock screen.

I'd love your feedback on these! (Specifically the iPad version -- I don't personally own one, so I wasn't able to test the layout against any pre-existing lock screen issues like I could with the iPhone4. Also, I'm definitely open to adding versions for Android devices -- but I'd base it on the highest, most-popular screen resolution and I'd need a template guide to avoid the same on-screen o/s features.)



Widescreen: 1920x1200 | 1920x1080 | 1680x1050 |1440x900 | 1366x768 | 1280x800

4:3: 1600x1200 | 1400x1050 | 1280x960 | 1280x1024

iPad & iPad2: 1024x1024 iPhone 4 & iPhone 4S: 640x960

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