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  1. Hey, I've been giving Top Jimmy props when called for for years now. Lots of average saves over the years at key moments.
  2. Robin Big Snake would have been a trip in that jersey.
  3. Evil plot by MSU to get rid of Ann Arbor, perhaps?
  4. I've gotta give Kenny some props for this. Salary is a bit higher than I hoped, but I'm looking at it as the trade off to get the shorter term. I thought he'd either go 5.5 for 5 or let the arbitrator rule. Tats has been a bit of an offensive catalyst when Blash actually deployed him properly. If his shoulder is fine (and that is my biggest worry), this is good for both sides.
  5. I've got to say, team early Yzerman is making a rather strong case. It brings back memories of seeing him score a hat trick the first time I saw the Wings live. Back then he had to wear a backpack to pretty much singlehandedly carry the team. Then the years with Probie riding shotgun for him and finally the Cup years. Thanks for the trip down memory lane guys. As a neutral party in this debate but a huge Yzerman fan, I have to add my observation that regardless of which era Yzerman is victorious, Yzerman of any era is better than Toews.
  6. I didn't think you were. Rapid fire posting before I had to help my sister with some stuff made me more succinct than I should have been. I agree with you in fact. If Seabrook wasn't so highly paid they would probably still love him. Ericsson is a popular whipping boy, in many cases it is deserved, but he doesn't get credit when he does do something well. Sadly I see the same thing happening to Seabrook.
  7. If he picks Detroit, how impactful do you think he will be? (Who becomes the trade bait for a D?) If the Wings land him and he pans out, does Kenny get any credit, or is it despite Holland that he comes? I honestly don't know much about him, can someone give me more info? Thanks in advance. insert obligatory Dave Grohl band reference here. Learn to Fly, it is the Wings after all.
  8. Seabrook has much farther to regress to reach Ericsson levels. Still, wasn't Big Rig playing with an injured hand for a while? I hope this comes back to bite Chicago hard. Columbus got better, imho, with probably their biggest scoring threat ever (yes, better than Nash, imho).
  9. Again the Hakan picks are most likely to blossom into steals, IMHO, but I haven't been following as much due to gigs. The point about bashing a lack of trades needs to be tempered with the realization that any trades prior to the expansion draft would have needed to be protected by the receiving team. Of the picks on Day 2, this goalie, Petruzzelli, is the most intriguing to me. With the Mrazek situation still unfolding, and Coreau not convincing yet, if he is a pleasant surprise, that could help solidify the crease for years.
  10. I'm torn over this pick, as I agree that on paper, at least, Vilardi was the better choice. Still, with the obvious choice to emphasize size this year, Rasmussen fits that well. I am glad someone else mentioned the old Herb Brooks quote, since that is what popped in my mind after the pick. I haven't followed the draft as much this year due to gigs, so I think a wait and see to pass judgement mindset is in order. Hopefully Kenny pulls something off in free agency.
  11. Why not, it's about as legit as anything Eklund posts.
  12. Or a dirty sanchez that is just a little smudge.
  13. I would laugh if Mrazek got an empty netter just so he could bust Sheahan.
  14. Maybe the new goalie pants will make it more comfortable for Mrazek when he has to wear a backpack to carry the team.