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  1. TheXym

    Has Blashill finally lost the team?

    Population has gone down with the downturn in on-ice excellence, but things should pick up once the season starts.
  2. TheXym

    2019 NHL Winter Classic

    We got rid of Brett Lebda. Notre Dame hasn’t forgotten or forgiven.
  3. TheXym

    Jags Jalen Ramsey Says He Could Make The NHL With 6 Months Training

    Put him in goal with regular skater gear.
  4. TheXym

    No More Hockeytown At Center Ice?

    As others have said, the clean look of the logo alone looks great. The Hockeytown logo was good during the 4 cups from 1997-2008 era but with the team in a rebuild mode and placing in the bottom half of the league it was not working. Kind of like a team’s fan base saying they are the greatest ever but have either never won a cup in either franchise’s existence or are in a longer cup drought than Detroit endured from 1955-1997.
  5. TheXym

    Dominik Hasek

    Not a bad idea. Conference call podcast....
  6. TheXym


    Thanks. My phone sucks at pasting gifs
  7. TheXym


    I remember that Thornton dive all too well. There was a gif made of it that gave Franzen a lightsaber. Here is a link
  8. TheXym

    2018 Off-Season Trades / Signings / News

    Pronman himself says he is VERY conservative with how he projects goalies. The guy definitely puts in his research time, imho. A clarification for what he means by has a chance: Have a chance: Probably not an impact guy but could play in the league and has the toolkit to have an outside chance to be a real player. Have a chance refers to probability to be a good player, not his probability to play NHL games. From his explanation article: I value goalie prospects very conservatively. In the past 10 years or so, I’ve only rated one goalie who I thought would be a top-tier player (Andrei Vasilevskiy) and only a handful who I’d project to be a starting goalie in the NHL. FWIW, I am really digging the NHL coverage in the Athletic.
  9. TheXym


  10. TheXym

    Abdelkader Needs To Go

    Getting myself back on topic, Abby is well overpaid, but if used as a 3rd/4th line forward he can play that role quite well and be a role model for the younger guys.
  11. TheXym

    Abdelkader Needs To Go

    Been a busy time for me. Not nearly as much time to watch hockey as I’d like, but I have had a lot of theater pit gigs, I’m playing with a new band, and actually was booked to play a developmental run of a show by a guy who has several Emmys. I’m enjoying the down time. I’ve missed you guys.
  12. TheXym

    -RIP- Ray Emery drowns at 35 years old

    I agree wholeheartedly as a former swim lesson instructor and lifeguard. And as you say, even the best swimmers shouldn’t swim alone. The Emery tragedy was felt locally as he was loved in this area when he tended the goal for the B-Sens.
  13. TheXym

    Abdelkader Needs To Go

    4 strings or 5?
  14. TheXym

    Jonathan Bernier Signs 3yr. $3M AAV

    Bernier is a decent goalie. In a tandem with Jimmy he should be fine. Hopefully he doesn’t have another Nelson Mandela moment in an interview.
  15. TheXym

    Mike Green Officially Signed *Mod Warning Page 4*

    Less cap space than his old hit, but imho the NMC/NTC or lack thereof will make the call for many folks. We need his offense.