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  1. TheXym

    Gimme Muh Monthly Yzer-Trade

    Primus sucks!
  2. TheXym

    Gimme Muh Monthly Yzer-Trade

    JuiceWRLD is some rapper who just died. I only knew about him because one of the 7th graders is a huge fan. DT is Dream Theater. John Myung is a huge influence on me as a bassist, and Jordan Rudess is a god on the keys. I didn’t get into Rush until Imstarted playing bass.
  3. TheXym

    Gimme Muh Monthly Yzer-Trade

    If you are referring to the abomination Geoff Tate rolled out after he was fired, I’d agree.
  4. TheXym

    Gimme Muh Monthly Yzer-Trade

    Come on CRL, he’s in mourning over Juice WRLD. I’ll be over here rocking out to Rush, DT, and Queensrÿche.
  5. Filppula got away with a stick hold,there
  6. Decent pressure, but they need to break through again while they have momentum
  7. Is this gonna be a power play kill or will they actually do something?
  8. Think the goalie felt a Fabbreeze as that puck went by him?
  9. Yeah, it’s a painful season, but we expected it. And thanks for the well wishes for my dad. It has been a rough few months for me with his health, and some other stuff I won't get into in a GDT. But, on the home front things are so much better than a year ago. cholo with a post after a few deflections. Good replay of it on the flyers feed.
  10. At my parent’s house visiting. Watching the game with my dad, who’s a big Flyers fan. He’s been home from the hospital for about a week and a half (lifeflighted 3 times since July, was in continuously since late September, only home about a week total between the first lifeflighte and then). Gonna be eating some humble pie judging from the start. Maybe it’s just me but that was just a bad goal for Pickard to give up.
  11. TheXym

    LGW Upkeep

    I’m around just not posting much. I have been really busy playing shows this year, more than ever, so my free time has been occupied. Still lurking to keep up though, since I live in PA and not many local wings fans other than me.
  12. TheXym

    Mike Commodore's experience with the Wings

    Well played, sir