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3/17 GDT : Red Wings 2 at Sharks 3 (OT)

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Anyone know if Drapes is in decent shape right now?? haha

Heres how its gota go ...

Nyquist - PAvel - Bert

Filp - Z -Huds

Mursak - Adbelkader - Miller

Cleary - Emmerton - Holmstrom (this line only gets shifts when we have a 3 goal cushion because they are small, slow, and unphysical as Atom players)

KEEP Nyquist up here and put him on the third line when the Mule returns, drop Mursak to the 4th line and scratch Cleary.

Oh ... and prey to the hockey gods that Helmers knee isnt shrapnel and that Lids and Ericsson are back within the next 4 games.

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Sharks announcers giving Pasha lots of love. Nice. :clap:

Dats is the best player in the NHL, period. You can make arguments for Crosby, and others, but every time I see him play he amazes me with his skill and creativity. He makes everyone around him better and when he has the puck against the Sharks it strikes fear in my heart I just pray that the puck leaves his stick ASAP. You Wings fans are lucky to watch him play on a regular basis, he is one of the greats for sure.

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Hopefully lazyass Franzen will have a good playoff and Holland grows some balls and trades his ass for someone that gives a s***. I hate players that have no pride in their game and just do enough to get by.

Man, even when he isn't playing he is getting dogged. :lol:

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