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Vote to get Griffins games on Fox Sports Detroit During Lockout

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Yeah, it's very strange. For the amount of huge amount of pro/minor/junior/college hockey that Michigan has....the large amount of kids playing youth hockey...and the relatively long history of hockey in the state...it still gets left behind by the other three sports. I don't think this was true during the 90s/early 00s, but it seems like it now (although I don't live there anymore).

One thing that you may overlook, though, is that Michigan has a very blue-collar way of looking at things. So, if there is a lockout like there is now, and people see greed as one of the main issues, they will dump it pretty quickly.

That said, it is still a bit surprising that a hockey state like Michigan can't manage to muster enough to get AHL on cable tv.

it's not surprising but it is disappointing. michigan is one of the few states where minor league hockey is even remotely relevant but it still isn't enough for it to make a dent in the media.

There are passionate hockey fans in Michigan... Dont slot everyone

of course there are. but they are few and far between compared to football, baseball, and basketball fans.

Not really.

If you put it to a vote between minor league hockey and NBA basketball, I don't care what state or city it is in the US, NBA will win the vote 10 times out of 10.

Then you add in the fact that anyone could vote, and it is guaranteed to be a landslide victory for the NBA. People all over are fans of the Pistons. Most people in the states, even hockey fans, have never heard of the Griffins.

Minnesota disagrees with you. Even high school hockey is pretty big over there.

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