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Tootoo called up

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I actually very much agree with where you're coming from. I'm not really sure why I was disagreeing. I guess I just thought it's a bit much to say we have no chance in the playoffs. But I realize that, in saying that, I'm basically saying we should be happy to make the second round, maybe squeak into the Conference Finals. Which is lame. It should be a Cup-or-bust mentality, so: no disagreement here. We need to get much tougher if we want a real shot at the Cup. Definitely.

If it has to be one guy, I'd like Wayne Simmonds. I'm really into the idea of trading Franzen (and maybe several other pieces) for a genuine power forward. Not that this would really make sense, but could you imagine Simmonds and Tootoo on the same line? Fireworks.

I'm a fan of Simmonds, as well. He's one of very few old-school power forwards in the league today. I'd be intrigued to see whether Holmgren would trade him at the deadline if Philly is out of the playoff picture. Probably not, but stranger things have happened.

I'd like to see Franzen and maybe Andersson (or insert other bottom 6 forward who doesn't seem to fill a need here) for a power forward like Simmonds.

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