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In Topic: Each NHL Team's Mount Rushmore

24 July 2013 - 07:29 AM

I am not a Toronto fan, but I'd say Tim Horton, Matts Sundin,Teeder Kennedy and Wendel Clark.  For Detroit I'd say: Howe, Sawchuk, Yzerman and Lidstrom.

In Topic: So.. what are our expectations for this roster?

09 July 2013 - 08:18 AM

Swap East for West and you have the 2012-2013 season prediction... We're a lot better this year

You smoke alot of weed, huh?  Sorry for the jab, but I think you are going to see things differently when this season starts.  The slated conference/division swap will put Detroit in a division that is rougher than what they've experienced in the past.  Stats show that hitting and fighting are more prevelant in the East, specifically with Toronto and Boston.  Detroit was not built "tough" and have had injury woes for years due to the style (not size) of player Detroit typically signs.  Weiss and Alfie don't add "toughness" but they have been somewhat durable in the east.  Again, we will see.

In Topic: Wings sign Alfredsson to 1-year, $3.5m deal (+$2m bonuses)

09 July 2013 - 08:05 AM

For the record, we're much better than the Senators.

I also don't agree with you.  I feel that Chicago, much like the 2002 Wings vs. Vancouver, didn't take their opposition as seriously as they should have.  The Sens are on the rise, and Detroit is going to have their hands full in the Division they are slated to goto.  That aside, I just hope Alfie can play those serious minutes he was required to with the Sens.  If he pans out like Modano, we are really up $h@! creek, and we will analyze the crap out of how we handled resigning Brunner.  This upcomming season aside, if the cap does in fact go back up and we shed Alfie, Bert and Sammy, the following free-agency and the maturity of our youth will set the Wings up for success for 2014-2015.  I also feel that Holland felt it was necessary to bring in some Eastern Conference regulars to help with the transition (ie. Alfie and Weiss). 

In Topic: Brunner Contract Talks

09 July 2013 - 07:48 AM


Sure it is easier when it comes to millionaires but I just don't understand why Brunner should sign for undermarket-value? I know nobody wants to admit it, but the RedWings are behind the pack team, in a salary cap wolrd AND can't hand out creative contracts + 50 players limit --->handcuffed.


From Brunners pov, he has played here a few months and thats about it. He doesn't owe the Wings anything. Yes, he has chemistry with Zetterberg, the best ownership in the league but he can make more money elsewhere. As a 27 old rookie the time to make a big splash in the NHL is ticking for him, he knows that and I guess thiat's playing a huge part in his decision. He is not worth 4 m per right now no question but something around 3 - 3,5 is more realistic and to be honest should have been offered by the Wings.


However this story is paying out, I am will not hold it against him if he decides to sign elsewhere for more money or a longer terms, he doesn't owe the Wings and vise versa. I could see him joining the Senators and become Spezza s winger. The real surprise here is Nashville, they need scoring the guy is a pure goalsacorer and yet not even rumours about them trying to get him.

I agree.  I would love to see him return, and feel that Holland should have thrown a more convincing offer at him vice grab Alfie... or at least buy out Bert and put that money towards Brunner.  Just my opinion.  He owes the Wings nothing, and performed well.  I feel Holland may have taken his positive attitude for granted, and it was a gamble that could have been avoided.  The fact of the matter is, we are not privilaged enough to know truly how Brunner, his agent and Holland dealt with each other, and can only speculate.  Fair winds and following seas to Brunner.  He will be a force for whomever he plays for.

In Topic: Brunner Contract Talks

05 July 2013 - 11:58 AM




Haha really? they are less that a year apart in age and Weiss has scored more points per game in his career than Fil. Time for a change at center on the 2nd line and I'm all for some new blood there.  Fli was so passive this year it was hard to watch.

I agree that Weiss has more points... but he's pretty injury prone... Both of these guys are underacheivers however, Flip already knows the system... Weiss needs a sniper, and Brunner would have been that guy, but word is, he's gone and we filled Brunner's spot with a 40 year old.