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In Topic: My Favorite Nick Lidstrom Moment

31 May 2012 - 05:48 PM

So many to choose from, but this is one that sticks out to me


Scores a huge goal then immediately after sets up Draper with an incredible pass.

I really like that one, most people remember the goal, very few remember the great pass just 10 seconds later.

In Topic: My Favorite Nick Lidstrom Moment

31 May 2012 - 09:26 AM

Well done. What made you decide to leave the organization?

I get that question a lot and without writing a book, which I probably could, I left for 2 main reasons. First, I was moving to Harrisburg PA to be closer to my girlfriend. (and future Mrs.?)

Secondly, I left because the job became my life. You may be shocked to learn that from 2005 till 2010 I made most videos that were used in-arena and for the teamís personal usage, by myself. Thatís right, a staff of one. I did get help along the way on some projects, but a lot of the time, it was on me to get the job done. Most NHL teams have 4 full time editors, at minimum, on staff however the Wings were getting everything they felt they needed with one person, so in their minds, why would you hire anyone else?

This put me under a lot of pressure to work a lot harder then I should have been to get the job done, day by day. Thereís loving your job, then thereís your job becoming 6 days / 60 to 70 hours of your life a week. No room for friends, family, getting out, and hell watching TV or playing Xbox became hard to find time for. I was hospitalized 3 times in those 5 seasons from stress; my hair was starting to turn gray at the age of 24.

To be clear, no one from the team or anyone else for that matter pushed me to work that hard. I could have easily done the minimum, worked 40 hours a week and been fine. However, Iím a huge fan of the Red Wings and I wanted to do the best I could do for the team and the best I could do to entertain the Red Wings fans. Again I can go on forever but itís a story for another time.

Also, what's the music used in the video?

The theme to the TV show, The Contender. I felt it fix Lidstrom very well so I made it his unofficial theme.