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  1. MabusIncarnate

    Larkin Next?

    I have no words about the rollercoaster that was the first 4 pages of this thread, holy hell. I don't even know what to do here. I'm just as bored as you guys are at this point of the season. Thanks for sticking around all year to most of you who have consistently posted. We reached a giant height of strange here, let's settle it down a tad and i'll move along. Have fun, just remember it's a hockey thread also.
  2. MabusIncarnate

    2/25 Sanka! Ya Dead? GDT - Devils @ Red Wings - 7:30 PM ET

    Goon 2 was just as good imo, if you haven't seen it, don't pass on it thinking it's an awful sequel. I still need to watch the Probert documentary on Amazon.
  3. MabusIncarnate

    2/25 Sanka! Ya Dead? GDT - Devils @ Red Wings - 7:30 PM ET

    Yes, I heard this also, and it virtually sounds like a near identical Fabbri situation. He wasn't getting chances, he was only getting like 8 minutes of ice time and still managing respectable point totals. He wanted a chance to play because he can produce more with more ice time. He will get that chance here, put him in the top 6 and do for him what we did for Fabbri and we may have another gem. One of my best friends is a lifetime Leafs fan and I texted him last night asking about his take on Timashov and he replied "Small but skilled, he was given no chance in the top 6 and had little minutes and still looked good. I hate that they sent him off, they should have waived Marincin instead to open the spot for Rosen, no one would claim the Marincin battleship, they lost value with no return dumping Timashov." We will see, but I have a bit of hope that he can be involved with the offense here.
  4. MabusIncarnate

    2/25 Sanka! Ya Dead? GDT - Devils @ Red Wings - 7:30 PM ET

    This was posted up on HFBoards, not sure if that means they are active for tonight's game, but they are listed on the roster. Might watch tonight just to take a look at the young swede if he plays.
  5. On any other team in the league, possibly. On this team, and how bad they have been all year, it's hard to judge any individual performance. That's just my take. Considering tonight they can be eliminated from playoffs, and knowing they still have 20 games to play, i'm not sure how motivated i'd be at this point either. He's still got some growing to do also.
  6. Claimed Goloubef from Ottawa off waivers, some 30 year old warm body 7th defender.
  7. I think we should use Glendening or Helm as the 2nd line C because why not. Something, something LGW Ready for the deadline, then the draft. The rest of the season is just blah at this point, especially with Zadina and Hronek now out.
  8. TrAAde vAAlue increasing
  9. MabusIncarnate

    Our Young Players

    Guys, keep this civil. I'm struggling to understand the backlash due to predictions made 4 years ago about the future of this team and development of players. No one is ever entirely accurate, but senselessly attacking each other over it is pretty dumb. I've made some really stupid predictions, but at the time they seemed more reasonable. Keep the discussion on the right path or i'll lock this one down.
  10. MabusIncarnate

    2/11 Trap Game GDT - Red Wings @ Sabres - 7:00 PM ET

    Has anyone watched that Bob Probert documentary on Amazon video yet? I might go for it tonight after the game. The Russian Five was just fantastic.
  11. MabusIncarnate

    2/11 Trap Game GDT - Red Wings @ Sabres - 7:00 PM ET

    Return of Antman, got himself an apple. Positive vibes.
  12. There's 4 mins left shouldn't Blashill have pulled Howard by now and sealed the loss?
  13. It seems like Howard is breaking his back tonight, are the shots really 42-11? Or is that a mistake on TSN?
  14. Ugh 11 shots? I really, really hope Fabbri is okay. I mean, considering his history, i'm very concerned. That would be such a dagger if it's serious. Hoping for the best.