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Carter scores off the faceoff

20 January 2010 - 12:29 AM

Believe it or not, I actually saw a hockey highlight on Sportscenter that wasn't Crosby. ph34r.gif

As good as the Wings are on draws, I'm surprised they don't try this play, as you can see the goalie wasn't expecting to have to face a shot from the centerman taking the draw.

Obviously it would have to be the right situation (for our centers it would have to be from the left faceoff dot) surely they try stuff like this in practice, why not try it in the game, worst case scenario the goalie makes a save and we get a rebound off of it. Actually, worst case scenario is that Lebda is playing the point and decides to pinch in and leads to a odd-man rush the other way.

Standings Watch

09 January 2010 - 08:36 PM

With the Wings 3 points out of the top 8 at present, and the 5-8 seeds all in action tonight, I wanted to make a thread to discuss the other games occurring tonight which affect the standings. Even though we cannot catch anyone tonight, it would be fun to get some positive energy going and help out the teams that can help out the Wings tonight.


Currently, the only team losing is Nashville, but I can see this being a night where we can make up some ground with a little help from the hockey gods.

30 Teams in 30 Days

30 July 2009 - 04:21 PM

30 teams in 30 days, NHL.com and NHL Network

Hopefully they have something positive to talk about when our day comes on the 11th.

This off-season has been particularly brutal IMHO