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In Topic: 10/3 Pre-season GDT: Pittsburgh Penguins at Red Wings

03 October 2010 - 02:44 PM

Anyone have the stream links for the game?

In Topic: Samuelsson looking good at 2.5 million

20 April 2010 - 08:24 AM

Sammy scored 1st to goals of Cup winning year, remember that sweet rap around to start the series...

Sammy > Bert and Definately > Williams who (god willing) will not be a wing next year, not even as a 4th liner.

As for Sammy <> Hudler... well I liked Sammy's RH shot and at least he shoots. Not so good 2 way.

I would love to have Sammy right now, to many lefty's out there, they need a > Willimas RH shot.

at 2.5 I am not as sure, but it seems like it is a solid price for what he offer's, he can break a game open and score timely goals.

To late to worry about it now, hopefully Bert takes off the too-too and puts on the carharts and gets something done...

In Topic: How will this series end predictions

19 April 2010 - 12:35 PM

If the Mule shows, we win...

No Mule... No next round.

In Topic: Draper.....

05 April 2010 - 06:44 PM

Draper adds experience and you do not see his line making nearly as many mistakes as the other lines, he always seems up on the forecheck and you can feel pretty good a safe when he is out there that there will not be mistakes, that is a great thing for a grind line. It would be nice to see his line score a bit more, but Draper is doing a good job, I will say the same about Malts, not many mistakes that cost at crucial times, although it is time for at 1 to move on and I think that is happening. Draper is an excellent leader and has an amazing conditioning routine which shows the young guys what it takes, they need to keep him in, next year as well and then take a good hard look at things then, if the kids are ready to play mistake free 90% of the time then it will be time for Drapes to hang them up, but not until then, we need mistake free players on this team, not fast mistake prone players.

I say sit Willimas when Abby can come up, then possibly Bert unless he starts to do something, Bert can be great but when he is cold, he is a big liability, does not score and cough's up the puck way to often.

In Topic: Does Holland have the courage to tank this team?

07 February 2010 - 11:15 AM

QUOTE (Atariboy @ February 7, 2010 - 12:47AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Nobody is suggesting Holland should burn the Wings down and give up the next five years. However, there WILL come a point in time this season when he's going to have to make a difficult decision. Go for it? Or make some cap space?

The reality of the situation is this: they're not as good as Chicago. Or San Jose. Or Vancouver. Or even freakin' Los Angeles. Sure injuries have plagued the Wings, but they were never going to be as good as the last couple of years unless some of the young guys brought it up a few notches. And while Helm, Miller. etc. have played fine, they ain't Marian Hossa!

What I'm getting out of this thread is that just maybe if the Wings ditched their 6th and 7th defensemen and maybe a 4th liner or two (but you people want Maltby back???) everything will be alright again. Sure, bring back the same team, but expect different results. Not gonna happen. They need to clear up some serious cap space to improve next year's team. I really think, at the very least, Rafalski needs to go this March. The fans are going to hate it, but they're financially handcuffed already with the players they've got... never mind the fact that they're unable to go out and get additional help.

I remember when the Wings were involved in playoff chases, and I even remember the last time they missed the playoffs (oh boy did they EVER waste Adam Oates), but there's a silver lining to this: you can get some great drafts out of mediocre seasons. I'll take an 80 point season if it means I might snag Lidstrom, Fedorov, Drake, Sillinger, and Konstantinov in one single draft. That's how you build a winner.

I don't think anyone said they wanted Maltby back, in my post I simply said I feel more comfortable with him in the game when we have a lead then say Ericsson, my point being that Maltby is not and never was a scoring machine, but we know what he can do. I have seen post calling for burning down the house , there are several all over MI Live today, my point was that Ericsson was one of our young and fresh guys, Leino was also this younger white knight and so far what have they done? Even Helm has not scored in a month, so why does anyone think just because we get a young guy with potential that it will make any difference at all? The fact is we have some known commodities we can build around and I will stand by keeping Draper and Homer and Lids another season or 2, and Malts should he decide to stay as the bench warmer would not trouble me, especially if we could 2 way him. Abby hit people but we did not win any more with him then Malts, period. There have been many times this season I wished we had Cheli around because our D seems to lack leadership, nothing sgainst Nick, but I think it's obvious. Having played sports looking around and seeing guys with Names like Chelios mean more than we can imagine.

It is my belief we need to do something fairly quickly while we still have this core, get some (not a ton) of kids in who can take the torch from Lids, Malts, Drapes and Homer to play it forward, Z and Dats are not going to be able to do it on their own, we need that group of supporters to buy into the Greatness, we do not get this group now it could take years once this core retires.

I believe they need a pure goal scorer and a D-Man to clear the front of the net, I have also stated I do not think Franzen is this goal scorer, but depending Lilja could be the D-Man to clear our crease, time will tell there...

The talent to win is still here...

Right now more than anything Babbs seems to be lost, clearly the team even with the injuries has the talent to still win, many of these loses are 1 point games and maybe injuries make up for that, maybe they don't... they would surely make up for some and probably put us above the line for a playoff spot, that said I do think babbs needs to take some of his own medicine...

"it's called coaching, isn't it great?"