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Series Breakdown

06 June 2009 - 05:47 PM

Pit 10
Det 10

Pit 4-9
Det 1-10
Advantage: Pens


Pit 116
Det 124
Advantage: Wings


Pit 140
Det 127
Advantage Pens


Pit 43%
Det 57%
Advantage Wings

Pit 42
Det 51
Advantage Pens

Very even up to this point.
I'm pumped for Game 5.This day has taken forever.

Greetings from Pittsburgh

24 May 2009 - 05:18 PM

Hello Red Wings fans, you can probably guess that I am a Penguins supporter. Looking ahead to the finals, I decided to make an account on this board so I can get some of your thoughts during the SCF. Though neither conference finals are over, our series looks pretty much over. And judging from the way the Red Wings played Game 4, it looks like you will close this series out on Wednesday. Hopefully the Pens learned from the beating you gave us last year.

Some things you should know about me....
-I am a Pens fan (Obviously)
-I come here to talk hockey...not to trash talk
-I will try to be as least-biased as I can
-I actually respect your organization, unlike Washington or Philly

Here's hoping we can get along during the next couple weeks, and try to talk seriously and maturely about hockey. Good luck to your Red Wings!