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  1. With Capgeek shut down (RIP Matt), I figured I'd post some replacement websites I found and would like to hear other good sites people use in the absence of the brilliant one that was Capgeek. The two decent ones I know of are: nhlnumbers.com www.hockeyscap.com It might be good to also compile people's favorite stat sites in general. I know there's more cropping up with the increasing popularity of advanced stats.
  2. haroldsnepsts

    Curtis Glencross regrets taking hometown discount

    Because he was being interviewed? If people are so bitter that these athletes are paid so much money for playing hockey, why even watch the sport? You're the ones ultimately paying their salaries. Hockey is entertainment. And entertainment is big business. These guys come from an elite talent pool and are paid accordingly. Technically they're actually underpaid because their salaries are artificially restricted by the cap.
  3. haroldsnepsts

    Curtis Glencross regrets taking hometown discount

    Exactly. It's not like he literally didn't understand it was a business. If a player doesn't take a hometown discount as fans we call him greedy. Then a player expresses regret for taking a hometown discount and now he's greedy AND stupid. It's not like Glencross literally didn't understand the NHL is a business. During contract negotiations I'm sure management lobbies for him to be a "team player" and take a hometown discount. He got traded after a bad stretch and now feels his loyalty to them was not returned. It is a business, but I get why he regrets it. He didn't capitalize when the conditions were tilted more in his favor. Most players just don't talk about it that openly.
  4. haroldsnepsts

    Curtis Glencross regrets taking hometown discount

    Again, Glencross isn't saying anything about struggling to live on the millions he's made. He's talking about leaving money on the table. Now that he's been traded after taking a hometown discount he realizes that this is first and foremost a business and regrets his decision.
  5. haroldsnepsts

    Hall of Fame Coach Al Arbour Dies at 82

    Considering what they achieved the Islanders seem like the most overlooked dynasty in NHL history. 4 Stanley Cups in a row (Montreal is the only other team to better that feat and it was in the original 6 years) Won 19 consecutive playoff series (a completely untouchable record) and posted a 60-18 post season record They accomplished all this only 8 years after their creation as an expansion team.
  6. haroldsnepsts

    Free agents this off season

    I forgot Matt Cooke was bought out by the Wild. I'm guessing some team will pick him up for cheap, but I hold out hope this will be the year that POS is finally out of the league. http://www.thescore.com/nhl/news/818372
  7. haroldsnepsts

    Mike Richard's Contract Terminated (Not Bought Out)

    Comparing the morality of the two cases, I totally agree with what you're saying. But in terms of terminating Richard's contract, I wonder if the Kings think have an out because his using drugs directly impacts his performance as a professional hockey player, so it might not be a morality clause they're using. Who knows though. The Kings are definitely being opportunistic because of Richard's terrible contract. And I'm sure Lombardi is super pissed after a heart to heart meeting with Richards last season about turning things around instead of buying him out, only to find out he may have been abusing painkillers. I just hadn't heard about the NHL approving the termination anywhere else. If that's the case I'd have to think they have some fairly winnable case if Bettman and the NHL lawyers approved it.
  8. haroldsnepsts

    Hall of Fame Coach Al Arbour Dies at 82

    A couple more short pieces on Arbour if any of the youngin's here who may not know who he was are interested. Definitely one of the greatest coaches of all time. http://www.thescore.com/nhl/news/818109 http://www.tsn.ca/hhof-coach-arbour-passes-away-1.352204
  9. haroldsnepsts

    Mike Richard's Contract Terminated (Not Bought Out)

    What's interesting is when they were talking about it on TSN they said multiple times that the NHL had approved the contract termination. It initially seemed to me that the Kings were trying a hail mary to get out of that contract, but if it had to be approved by the league I'd have to think there was at least some merit to it.
  10. haroldsnepsts

    Dan Cleary re-signing still possible?

    Wow. Even from Toronto that dastardly Babcock is somehow forcing Holland to sign Cleary again. I knew Babcock was good, but I didn't know he was that good.
  11. haroldsnepsts

    Darryl Sydor Charged Drunken Driving

    His blood alcohol level was .30 at 5:15pm on a Thursday and he was driving that drunk with his son in the car. The next move should probably be rehab.
  12. haroldsnepsts

    Getting bigger.

    Ha. Honestly I watched it with the sound off so I hadn't really considered the NSFW potential of the song.
  13. haroldsnepsts

    Getting bigger.

    Simmonds is definitely a power forward. Which is even more impressive given how scrawny the guy is. I was bummed when the Kings traded him (though it ultimately worked out) and it wasn't to the Wings.
  14. haroldsnepsts

    Number One Center vs. Number One Defenseman

    You could make a good case for either but I say d-man because they not only help keep the puck out of your own net, ideally they're keeping the puck out of your own end. Lidstrom wasn't just great at defense. He was a major part of what drove the Wings offense.
  15. haroldsnepsts

    Best American forward in the nhl?

    I hear what you guys are saying. There's definitely a chicken egg factor and like I said, Kane probably is the best american forward. But I think strength of team is a factor and not just regarding linemates. It also affects matchups. If you're on a (relatively) one-trick pony team offensively, your opponent can match up their best shut down guys against you fairly regularly. Against a deeper team those matchups get spread thinner. Do you put your best guys against Toews line or Kanes?