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In Topic: Crosby the greatest?

02 May 2010 - 06:01 PM

I don't like the guy. I think he is talked about way too much.

But I also cannot think of a more talented hockey player in the NHL...

Since I never saw Gretzky play live I will also say he actually is the most talented player I have ever personally seen live.

Don't like him, but he is that talented.

Gretzky was way better, not even close, although given a full career Mario Lemeuix was the best ever I would say.

In Topic: Crosby the greatest?

02 May 2010 - 05:50 PM

I understand your frustrations about crosby because i am sick of hearing his name to, while some of it is because hes canadian most of it is because bettman is trying to prove that hockey does belong in some of these markets which they shoudnt.pittsburg was the first part of that plan when they were for sale a couple years ago and they ended up getting good draft picks and they still couldnt sell out ,so when they drafted crosby bettman made him the poster boy of the nhl so that his little project of selling the game in places that dont care about hockey wouldnt make him look bad,and we all know that when in the future when pittsburg starts losing whenever it might be that the fans are going to disapear again. And as for your comment about canadians in the revolutionary war ,what about world war 1 when newfoundlanders sacrificed they re lives at the front lines while the americans fled leaving them to die. Newfoundlander are canadians it this proves that eveyone makes mistakes no matter what country your from

Thank you for sharing some facts related to my topic. I apologize if my words caused offense, I don't hate Canadiens , I was just trying to explain why I thought things were the way they were.

In Topic: Todd, Big Bad, Bertuzzi!

29 April 2010 - 08:03 PM

The fact that the hit was dirty is undeniable. It is unfortunate what the outcome was because Moore had it coming. This is not my problem with Bertuzzi. My problem with the waste is that he is a shell of the player he once was,and it seams more of a hinder than a help. A tree stump looks good paired with Dats and/or Z, which is pretty much what he is. All the wishfull thinking, and hoping in the world will never make him the dominant force that he used to be. I am dissapointed with the powers that be, and some fans, for not realizing this fact.

In Topic: Officiating - A Completely Different Perspective

27 April 2010 - 09:08 PM

Good points. The questionability of the officiating over the years has always been frustrating.

In Topic: Wings Bump Metallica

27 April 2010 - 08:55 PM

Maybe the hall of fame rockers have as good a seat to watch the game as the hall of fame goalie.