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  1. Was thinking the same thing! Where ya been mayyynneee??

  2. Where have you disappeared to?

  3. titanium2

    Jason Williams Signs with Stars

    As well as the best third line center in the league.
  4. titanium2

    2/11 GDT: Red Wings 6 at Bruins 1

  5. titanium2

    Isles vs Pens

  6. titanium2

    Isles vs Pens

  7. titanium2

    Jakub Kindl

  8. titanium2

    Isles vs Pens

    Can't wait to read the press quotes from both teams.
  9. titanium2

    2/11 GDT: Red Wings 6 at Bruins 1

  10. titanium2

    Isles vs Pens

  11. titanium2

    Forsberg Joins Avalanche

    Glad to hear that he looks decent enough for now.
  12. titanium2

    Pavel Doing his thing

    I thought Kesler was the favorite.
  13. titanium2

    RWC Midseason Rankings

    Me too. He and Aubry both even though Aubry's been injured. I'm surprised how incongruous his ranking is with the fact that he already has a contract while the Wings didn't have to sign him for a couple years. If Parkes makes it, what do you hope/imagine he'll be like? Obviously he'll have to fill out in a big way. RWC mentioned a comparison to Patrick Eaves but I'm thinking/hoping for a McCarty-type perhaps. EDIT: Forgot one thing.
  14. titanium2

    And he does it again!

    I always forget about his hit on Jason Williams. Every times I see the hit I think, "WHAT?! HE DID THAT TO A RED WING-Oh... Right... ... Cooke sucks!"
  15. titanium2

    And he does it again!

    This is a good read.