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Tired of Reading How Great Pittsburgh will be this Season

30 September 2009 - 09:17 AM

I'm tired of hearing all these 'experts' saying how the Penguins will win their division and probably have a shot at the Cup again.
No they won't. They were lucky to have beaten us last year. We were physically and mentally drained from the previous season. Babock (and countless other coaches) have spoken about how winning the Cup makes for a short tiring summer because of the party's etc. And then when you start up you're reminded of how tough that climb is again.

Pittsburgh will suffer the same fate. However, unlike the Wings, the Pens don't have nearly as much depth along the wings or defence. After their two 20-goal scorers in Kunitz and Guerin who's their next best wingers? 15-goal scoring sensations Fedentenko and Kennedy? OOOH!

Yes, they have amazing depth down the center position (even though Staal is overrated), but their also thin on the blueline. After Gonchar and Letang they have a collection of 6th and 7th dmen.

And lets not forget who just joined their division - Chris "F*** YOU" Pronger. How do you think Sid and Shrek are going to like tasting his elbows 6 times a year? You don't think that's going to wear on them? Or what if they meet them in the playoffs? I can't wait to hear Pens fans ***** and moan when they get to watch Pronger's 'physics' at work when he's body-slamming, elbowing or checking them into oblivion 80' feet away from the puck with no call.
I know I had a blast watching Zetterberg receive more minor penalties than Pronger in last years 2nd round matchup with the Ducks. We're used to seeing that trash.
Pittsburgh's players and their fans are going to have a stroke when they get to witness the Pronger double-standard in person. It also doesn't help that a lot of teams got tougher in the offseason while the Pens got weaker. Gill and Scuderi are both gone. That's quite a bit of sandpaper that flew the coop.

I'm also not sold on Fleury being able to remain mentally stable for an entire year.

In the end, I think Pittsburgh will make the playoffs but it won't be easy. And I see them getting bounced very early on in the playoffs.
Too thin, too tired, and too many other teams got better around them.