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  1. The Secret

    Blackhawks Fire Coach Quenneville

    I've seen enough of the Blashill Red Wings to know it is not worth my hard earned money or my time. I follow the team through LGW, through highlights, through my fantasy league, and through fans still watching and complaining etc. I am comfortable saying what I say without wasting hours to watch garbage on ice. I've seen several instances of the vast improvement to the team over-all when a good coach is in control. I recommend voicing your concern by hitting them where it hurts... do not spend any money on Red Wing anything until changes are made.
  2. The Secret

    Blackhawks Fire Coach Quenneville

    I'm not complaining just to complain. I'm old and have seen and played a lot of hockey... Dead Wings sucked if you wanted to see winning and I was a HUGE fan. Besides a tonne of losing they had scoring, they had fighting, they had old washed up stars and they were fun to watch. They made it tough on opponents. I have to pay to watch Red Wing games where I live and the 1st 2 seasons under Blashill I did pay but found that I couldn't watch such a confused looking mess. By the sound of things is hasn't improved much if at all. I'm complaining because I think we need change to both the GM and coaching positions. I want to watch my Wings play again and I want a team worth paying for and this isn't it.
  3. The Secret

    Blackhawks Fire Coach Quenneville

    Yes! Spot on.
  4. The Secret

    Blackhawks Fire Coach Quenneville

    We don't need a complete rebuild we are well on the way and have some great young players in the system.... and sucking the most doesn't guarantee anything. I think you could put McDavid on this team and it would have minimized impact due to a terrible coach and system. Look at all the talent that Edmonton has from years at the bottom and yet they have not yet found a coach that is good enough to get all that talent to work together. The coach is key to a team coming together and moving in the right direction... if not team Canada should win just about every Olympic game with a mascot on the bench.
  5. The Secret

    Blackhawks Fire Coach Quenneville

    Or perhaps their talents were recognized and used in a better way by a great coach? Helm is mediocre and always has been (a faster draper to me) and yet Babs found a way to maximize his specific skill set and he thrived. This team shouldn't have been in the playoffs even in the last few years under Babs and he managed to get the most out of what he had and made it all work as best he could.
  6. The Secret

    Blackhawks Fire Coach Quenneville

    What happened to the "human eraser"? The kid that stepped in out of college and had an immediate impact? He was thriving under a real coach and has withered since his departure. What about "the best 3rd line C in the league" as named by Babs? Withered as well. Larkin has finally been thrust into the 1C spot but I would bet my saving that if Z were around Blashill would be doing hand-stands on that crutch as he has in the past... lean on the crutch to try to mask his inabilities. Heck, keep Blashill under Q (or another good coach) and hope in the very far future he learns and is worth the wait but having him "learn to drive on the track during a race" is a bad strategy and it is showing so on the ice.
  7. The Secret

    Blackhawks Fire Coach Quenneville

    As has been mentioned... good coaches are hard to come by and one just became available, it is bad management not to pursue it. Love or hate Blashill his record speaks volumes and he has had enough time to figure things out by now. This is not a Stanley cup wining roster but I do believe it can be a lot more competitive and miserable to play against... it is neither. I've been a Wings fan since the early 80's and watched through the Dead Win era and despite a tonne of losing the team was still a lot of fun to watch, this teams play is BO-RING. Think of the difference when Scotty took the reigns and then gave them to Dave Lewis... same team basically with very different results (I don't think Lewis is even coaching in the league anymore). Then from Lewis to Babcock.... BIG change. Now Babcock to Blashill a big change again in the wrong direction. A good coach is a difference maker. Motivates his player and gets the most out of them plus has a good strategies... I see none of that with Blashill. We have a young, big and fast team... we should be at least a team that every other team dreads playing against and we are not even close.
  8. The Secret

    Blackhawks Fire Coach Quenneville

    Scotty is not available but Quenneville is and Yzerman has publicly made it known he will be... they both also have winning in their blood. Or maybe we can wait even longer for Blashill to figure things out and for Holland to make more horrible decisions for the future of the team?!?! The on-ice product has been so much fun to watch since the Blashill take-over.
  9. The Secret

    Blackhawks Fire Coach Quenneville G'dang'it. Fire Blashill already. Get him off the bench and away from our under-developing youths. Hire a proven coach in Quenneville. The Holland/Blashill tandem sucks b@lls and needs to be terminated. We have given this experiment way too much time and there has been little to no progress and in fact a lot of our players have regressed each year under Blashill. He needs to go back to coaching Pee-wee hockey and Holland needs to clear the way for Stevie to come home. Enough is enough. I did not watch one game last year and will continue my protest until this ends. Fans of the Red Wings need to make their voices heard before we become the Leafs... why make any effort if the company still makes money? Hit them where it hurts them. I don't think Quenneville makes us a cup contender but I do think, as I have said like a broken record, I believe it will make us a hard team to play against right now and then to see progress from there.
  10. The Secret

    OT Lines Thread

    Helm is like Draper 2.0. How many time did you jump out of your seat for a break away only to sit right back down as soon as you realized it was Draper on the break? Too many for me to count.
  11. The Secret

    Flyers new mascot will haunt your nightmares

    It has to be better the the Red Wings new mascot s***tee. I can't wait to see s***tee face off against Gritty.... It will be the greatest S*** show on ice (next to Blashill's on ice product)
  12. The Secret

    Realistic Window to Competitiveness

    I believe we would become instantly more competitive as soon as we get a real NHL calibre coach. We won't be fighting for the cup but we will be a big and fast team that is miserable to play against. Blashill has shown no improvement as a coach, his system(s) suck and I fear the longer he is on the bench the more damage will be done to the development of our young players. Even with the crappy contracts we have I truly believe a good NHL coach would make this exact team far better. How many more years of this experiment will convince people?
  13. The Secret

    The Secret

  14. The Secret

    Holland and Blashill expected to return

    I didn't watch one game this year and the same until at the very least Blashill is fired. I believe a GM change would be helpful too but I will give a temporary pass on keeping Holland but Blashill is garbage and has to go... I think 3 seasons of driving in reverse is enough. Look at what Gallant is doing in LV. I believe a real coach would make this same team hard to play against. Blashill stinks but the odour coming from Holland these days isnt much better.
  15. The Secret

    For those that want Blash G-O-N-E

    The roster is not that bad and has lots of room for growth under an effective coach, Blashill is not. 2 years in a row players that were growing under Babcock shrunk under Blashill.... that is 100% his fault.