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In Topic: Wings hire Lidstrom as overseas amateur scout

08 July 2012 - 06:30 PM

I'm sure some of you have seen this before but this is absolutely hilarious! Gosh, we're gonna miss #5...

In Topic: Dear Mr. Holland: Forget about FA, trade for Yandle and Ryan

05 July 2012 - 09:17 PM

I'd rather attempt to sign Doan or Semin and trade for Yandle. More manageable.

Haha yeah that'd be the best case scenario. I hope it happens.

In Topic: Dear Mr. Holland: Forget about FA, trade for Yandle and Ryan

05 July 2012 - 09:06 PM

Not true. Get one of them and get a 3rd team in on it for another one. It's possible. Not probable but that's not the point. The point is we need to make a trade. And even if we can only trade for one, that's fine. I'd much rather have Yandle than both Doan and Semin.

In Topic: The Next Move

05 July 2012 - 01:38 PM

posted this in another thread but this is probably more appropriate for here:
Look at it this way if you roll with what we have, and go into the regular season with all this free cap. Then we can have a very good idea on who can produce at this point (Nyquist, Tatar, Smith, etc...hell even some established players) and make trades accordingly. Our defense is not good but I don't think it will be the abortion on skates that most here do.

I say this b/c while Lids was imo the leading Norris candidate before injury, after he cameback he wasn't his normal self. Compound that with Stu who checked out very early and seemed basically one of our worst dman all year, and Quincey/White playing terrible= overall bad team d. Now with the inclusion of Smith (who will be better then either a terrible Quincey/Stu) and from watching Q in both Col/LA (he will be better), White may not improve much, he I don't think he will be as bad as late last year either, then to me the defense looks like a wash. It won't be near the top, nor near the bottom...

Our offense to me has already improved Tootoo will bring out more in either Helm or Abby. Sammy (though I dislike the signing) is an improvement over Hudler in physicality, plus he certainly is more willing to shoot! Brunner sounds like he will improve Helm (but I'm not totally counting on that). Nyquist in my opinion is going to blow peoples minds with a full season in the NHL. He looks a lot like Datsyuk so I have high expectations for him, last season in his time up he was at one point 7 for 7 points/games switching between 1st/4th line duties. The most recent comparison to me would be Matt Duchene in that he would get knocked off the puck super easy because of weight but pops back up instantly and is always making something happen. Tatar wasn't OMG amazing when brought up but compared to the baggage this team has dragged around the last 2 years, I believe he will be an improvement.

Our goaltending should improve hell we were using Conklin (I thought it was a good signing at the time, and I admit I as wrong as hell)

Wildcard statement: Give Sheehan some more time with the big club. The only NHL game he played in, it appeared he was great at maintaining control with people dragging on his back.

Overall my opinion is that we right now are about in the same boat as late last season. Right now we will make the playoffs, but get dropped in the 1st. Keep the cash until we see what we have and what's available, as long as we can just tread water while others start sinking then there is no point in throwing fist fulls of cash towards players just because it's what's popular (Suter/Parise) or trade away depth for (Ryan/Nash).

I think wings have to do something and if they don't then they would seriously jeopardize missing the playoffs for the first time since Pretty Woman was in theaters. They would need a ton more out of Helm and Ericsson and Jimmy Howard could face 40 shots a game resulting in a 3.02 gaa and 4th in the central lol. I get what you're saying and yeah they could see what the young guns have to offer but imo, it'd be disaster. Holland hasn't drafted well in recent years.

In Topic: The Next Move

05 July 2012 - 01:32 PM

Now is the time Ilitch needs to convince Dekeyser to NOT go back for his senior year...

So your lineup means the wings would trade Franzen or Filp for Yandle? I posted that the other day on an ESPN message board and was ripped apart. Sure it'd be tough to lose the Mule and Filp but it's worth it for a cornerstone D-man like Yandle. Especially if we replace them with Doan and Semin which is exactly what I said the other day. Looks like the smarter wings fans are on here.