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#1968654 My bet with a Coyotes fan!

Posted by mcgarnicle19 on 30 April 2010 - 11:52 PM

Here it is, by request! I've finished torturing my Coyotes fan co-worker and he had to eat raw octopus blended together with ice cream. The link below will take you to my radio stations website and my most recent blog post which has the audio and pictures.


#1959684 My bet with a Coyotes fan!

Posted by mcgarnicle19 on 26 April 2010 - 05:23 PM

Just in case I'm not nervous enough going into a game 7, I've got something additional on the line. I'm a DJ at a radio station in Canada and it just so happens that one of the other DJ's is a Coyotes fan, so before the series started we made a nasty bet on air. I went on his show one morning to challenge him to a bet and the stakes got raised pretty quick. In the end we decided on the loser has to come on the others show and eat something disgusting on air. If the Coyotes lose (god I hope they do) he has to eat a smoothie with raw octopus in it! But if the Wings lose I have to eat a smoothie filled with raw hot dogs and smelly cheese. By the way, cheese is my least favourite thing to eat. He's calling it his 'Desert Dog Smoothie.' So hopefully the Wings pull off a game 7 victory and I can torture a Phoenix fan with some octopus! Let's go Wings!!!