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In Topic: Jim Nill takes Red Wings’ director of amateur scouting to Dallas

07 July 2013 - 06:06 PM

I love how people spout off all of this banter about Nill being better than Holland because of XYZ and being the "real GM" in Detroit, and then they go complain in other threads about every signing and draft we've made over the last several years. Which is it people?


This is probably going to have fairly insignificant effects overall. I actually can't remember the last North American impact player the Red Wings drafted. I guess Darren Helm in 2005 or Jimmy Howard in 2003. 

In Topic: Wings sign Alfredsson to 1-year, $3.5m deal (+$2m bonuses)

05 July 2013 - 09:34 PM

This deal is a great fit for the Red Wings. It makes the team better in the short term and makes sense long term. While they need help at forward, this is such a lousy class of free agents that signing a good veteran player like Alfredsson to a 1-year contract opens the door for long term help next year with a free agent crop consisting of players like Kessel, Vanek, Gaborik, Sedin/Sedin, Bergeron, Heatley, Thornton, Marleau, etc. If even half of those players reach free agency, that will be a good group of forwards to choose from to bolster our offense. Much better than overpaying for long term contracts for players like Bozak, Clowe, Clarkson, etc.

In Topic: Trade/Buyout thread

02 July 2013 - 08:52 PM

I don't really get the angst that the Red Wings aren't willing to meet the insane contractual demands of the so-so pool of free agents available. Holland being conservative in years past is the reason why we're not in a cap crunch the way most of the other large market franchises are now. In fact, as the summer progresses (and next year rolls around), we could very well be the beneficiaries of the cap crunch these teams have imposed on themselves. When Holland screws up and we need to use a buyout, we're talking about clearing a roster player making $2.5-3M for one more year. Other teams (Philly, Tampa Bay, NYR, NYI, Vancouver) are finding themselves stuck deciding whether they want to pay a player millions of dollars not to play for them for another decade-and-a-half to come. 


In all likelihood, the deals that Lecavalier/Clarkson/Horton receive are going to end up looking just like the Bryzgalov/Wisniewski/Richards got - gross overpayments resulting from GMs rummaging through a weak free agent pool. Sometimes the best move is the one you didn't make - can you look back at any of the last 3-4 summers (not counting Suter/Parise) and fault Holland for not signing the premier free agents for their contractual demands in retrospect? 


With that said, I totally agree that Holland is loyal to certain players to a fault and is completely inactive in the trade market. Ray Shero and Stan Bowman are two GMs that have done very well for themselves (the way Holland used to) in the post-lockout era with trades.

In Topic: What do you consider a fair CBA?

15 August 2012 - 05:41 PM

Maybe this has been mentioned already, but I personally don't see the need for a limit on contract length. If they want to address the issue of circumventing the salary cap by adding on additional years at the end of the contract, just change the rules going forward to make the cap hit for each year be that of the player's salary for that year. That would end the signing bonuses and the cap circumvention, but would still allow players to sign lifelong contracts for the sake of security.

In Topic: Flyers sign Weber to offer sheet: 14y/$110m ($56m 1st 4yrs)

19 July 2012 - 10:59 PM

Am I the only one who actually feels bad for the Predators in all of this? They finally get a cup contending team and it's dismantled in a single offseason.This is a lose-lose situation for Nashville - they'll lose a lot of fans if they don't match the offer sheet, and they risk financial peril/locking up too much money in one player if they do match. Either way, this is a hard hit financially for Nashville.

How this contract is valid is beyond me. The entire purpose of the CBA and NHL salary cap was to allow small market teams to compete with the larger market teams. The way this deal is structured (being so heavily front-loaded) basically allows the large market teams to beat out the small market teams for any free agent they want to pursue. I'd be worried this could start a precedent, but they'll probably address it in the next CBA in the aftermath of this offseason.