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Winter classic player shirts

23 November 2013 - 01:07 PM

So I was wondering if anyone knew the best place online to get these player shirts? I think the NHL.com store had zetterberg and datsyuk. But I was looking for other options and hopefully someone else.

Buying First Wings Sweater - Advice wanted

03 August 2013 - 11:38 AM

Fellow Wings fans, I need your advice.


First and foremost, recommendations on where to buy the jersey? I do not live anywhere near Michigan, so, online retailers only. NHL.com seems to be a major rip off. The two places I have found are IceJersey.com and SportsK.com. Any others?


Secondly, because this will most likely be the only jersey I intend on purchasing for quite some time, I am looking for a player that will be around for awhile. I have eliminated Datsyuk as it seems he only has 3 years max left in Detroit. To be honest, I am really looking at either Zetterberg or Nyquist. Z has 5 years left on his contract so I would say that is a pretty solid life for a jersey. Nyquist is a bit riskier just because he hasn't really played as much. Though I think we all liked what we saw from him towards the end of the year.


I know its personal opinion really, but I wanted fellow Wing's fans thoughts on the subject matter. To all signs point to Nyquist being a long time Red Wing?