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Pirate RPG

15 April 2007 - 10:38 PM

Anyone like RPGs? This is a pretty cool RPG that can pass the time... tongue.gif

07/08 Roster

06 April 2007 - 06:42 PM

I know we always have these, but we've had a few players extended recently and thought it would be interesting to try it again. What's the latest on how much the cap's rising? I'll just use 46mill for this..

Detroit Players Signed for 07-08:
Datsyuk - 6.7
Zetterberg - 2.7
Draper - 2.128
Holmstrom - 2.25
Sammy - 1.2
Franzen - 0.900
Filppula - .850
Cleary - .675
Kopecky - (?)

Lidstrom - 7.6
Lilja - 1
Kronwall - 1.5
Lebda - 0.550
**Quincey - .535
**Ericsson - .475

Osgood - .800
**Howard - .850

Total Signed: 28.853

Possible Lines:
Homer - Z - Datsyuk
Hartnell(3) - Filppula - Bertuzzi(4.5)
Hudler(1) - Cleary - Sammy
Franzen - Draper - Kopecky(.8)

Lidstrom - Kronwall
Hamrlik(3.5) - Sarich(2)
Lebda - Chelios(.85)


Total : ~45.503
Cap Room: ~.497

What do you guys think? I overpayed on most of the FAs to compensate, so I'm sure if this roster happened there'd be more room under the cap. What do you guys think Hamrlik, Sarich, Hartnell & Bert would ask for? I think the addition of Hartnell, Hamrlik & Sarich would obviously give this team some strength and grit.

Who would you like to see here and your estimates on contract sizes?

Shootout Lineup

03 March 2007 - 07:05 PM

Who's going to be #3 on the shootout lineup now that Williams is gone? Hudler? Bert?

Long Shot prospects

08 February 2007 - 10:58 PM

I was looking at some of the prospects on RWC and wondering what you all think of them? Are most of the Russian prospects(Seluyanov, Stolyarov, Maximenko) going to stay in Russia? Did they resign Maximenko before? Or do we just have his rights still from '99? RWC also says that Agarkov is in the organization still after being drafted in '94? What is that about?

What do you guys think of Andreas Sundin(Finn - 2) and Tomas Kollar(Swe - 2)? They both have about a point per game - is that good for the Finnish & Swedish 2nd tier leagues?


08 February 2007 - 07:59 PM

Would you guys want to pick him up this offseason instead of Markov/Schneider? I dont know much about him, besides he hits like a train and blocks shots.. Or is he forsure going to resign with the Sens? What do ya'll think?