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  1. lets go pavel

    lets go pavel

  2. lets go pavel

    Souray asks for trade out of Edmonton

    I hear it's all Chris Pronger's wife's fault ...
  3. lets go pavel

    Does babcock have a shot at the Jack Adams Award

    Nope, I don't think so. He deserves mention, but I'm pretty sure they've already engraved Dave Tippett's name on it. Lilja winning the Masterton is certainly a possibility.
  4. lets go pavel

    NHL's most and least valuable players

    Not I sure I buy into these statistics entirely. If I'm understanding correctly, they are based on what they are calling "relative +/-", which means they take the player's on-ice goal differential 5-on-5, PP, and PK, then subtract the goal-differential of his team in those same situiations when he's off the ice ... if the player is better than the team average, it enhances his +/-. If the player is worse, his score drops. Ideally this compensates for the disparity between players on a good team and players on a bad team ... but no system is perfect. Players in a non-scoring role will inevitably be penalized because the team scores more with them off the ice than on it. This is most noticeable with Stuart's PP number. Stuart's PP # is a -8.4, but he's rarely on the PP. Has he been on the ice for this many shorthanded goals against? No ... what's making his number so bad is that with his limited PP time he's been on the ice for very few PP goals. Compare him to the rest of the team and his number drops. Hypothetically he could be a +10, but if his team is +18.4 with him off the ice, he ends up with a -8.4. 5-on-5 and PK are probably not as flawed for him because he does log plenty of ice time there, but I wonder how much of that is due to rotating cast of defensemen he's been paired with? In any case, not a great statistical year for Stuart, but least valuable? Not even close ...
  5. Maybe I'm missing something, but if Hudler wanted to play for the Wings so badly but knew money was an issue why not skip arbitration, sign a 1-year deal for less, then get the big contract after this season? I'm not faulting him for taking the money, but I have a hard time seeing how Hudler going to the KHL was doing the Wings a favor.
  6. lets go pavel

    Holmstrom has had a great season

    Yup ... I imagine there are quite a few "Homer-hard-ons" out there this morning ...
  7. lets go pavel

    Who is the Red Wings MVP this year?

    Gotta go with Howard. Datsyuk has been our best forward and Lidstrom our best defenseman, and while neither one has had their best year they have both picked it up quite a bit of late. That said, Howard is the guy who really carried the team night in and night out during the early part of the year and through all of the injuries. I don't think we'd be in a playoff spot right now without him.
  8. lets go pavel

    Caption this pic

    Homer's 1st Law of Hockey: He who smells like s***, plays like s***.
  9. lets go pavel

    Another goalie thread...

    Howard has been fine ... not great, but fine. That said, it would be nice if we could rattle off 5 or 6 more wins in a row, get ourselves situated comfortably in the 6-7 seed with some cushion behind us, and then split the starts for the last 10-12 games to get Ozzie some ice time. Howard will be the starter going into the playoffs, and personally I think this is a good year for him to get some playoff experience ... expectations aren't as high as usual, and he's not likely to be the scapegoat if things don't go well.
  10. lets go pavel

    2010 NHL Trade Deadline Thread - March 3rd, 3:00 PM ET

    Maltby's already been bumped ... by his shoulder. Bottom line, we have different needs this year compared to years past. In the past we've had ample offense and defense, our need has been depth and grit. This year, it's practically the opposite. We have depth ... 8 defensemen with NHL experience, Abs and May waiting in GR until the season ends, plus whoever else we pull from there. What we need is scoring, and I don't see a lot of that out there. Other than Kovie, what goal-scorer has been moved who would jump in and help us?
  11. lets go pavel

    photoshop war USA-Canada

  12. lets go pavel

    photoshop war USA-Canada

  13. lets go pavel

    NBC Leaves NHL out in the cold

    Two thoughts ... Does anyone know what kind of ratings/viewership NBC got on the other channels for the other stuff they were showing? Seems like a pretty important detail if you're going to argue that they should have been showing hockey instead of the other stuff based on potential ratings. I have no problem with Cowlishaw griping about the NBC coverage, but jumping from there to the conclusion that the NHL shouldn't participate next time is a pretty big leap. Is viewership and exposure really the only reason for participation? I gues maybe so from Bettman's perspective, but it's a bit disappointing to hear Cowlishaw adopting that viewpoint rather than that of, say, Ovechkin, who could give two s***s about the exposure but wants to participate to represent his country.
  14. lets go pavel

    Pre-Olympic Trade Deadline Talk

    Nope, I heard it as well ... more likely to get an injury update than trade info I would think.
  15. lets go pavel

    Friday Practice Update (interesting)

    They're probably just banged up and got the day off ... wouldn't read too much into it.